Why Does Grover From Sesame Street Have a Better Self-Care Routine Than I Do?

Turns out there's still a lot to learn from the cast of Sesame Street, including dance aerobics tips.

When times get tough, self-care is more important than ever. But as one day of the coronavirus pandemic seamlessly blurs into another, we can easily forget to check in with ourselves as much as we should. Luckily, Sesame Street's very own superhero, Grover, is here to remind us to do just that — because no one is immune to the current stress of the world. Not even Muppets.

We teamed up with the beloved character for a motivating video that will lift you right out of your quarantine funk (or at least for three minutes of it). The self-described "cute, furry little monster" is sharing his 5 Steps to At-Home Self-Care Success with InStyle. (He was going to share his "5 Steps to a Perfect Smoky Eye," but then figured our readers already had that down pat.)

As Grover says, it's very important "to take good care of yourself…both inside and out." For him, the main way to do that is to get moving, from Spinning (a "regular fitness craze" that the Muppet attempts for the first time) and yoga (his "mummified tree pose" is a sight to behold) to lifting weights (an excellent way to release endorphins, build muscle mass, and "get that body beach-ready") and dance aerobics (a workout that "should be lots of fun" but quickly becomes a challenge). Of course, while exercise is a great way to de-stress, it's not the only way. "There are all kinds of ways to practice self-care," Grover explains, launching into a meditation routine that proves to be a bit too relaxing.

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street, is doing its part to encourage self-care during the coronavirus pandemic. Through its Caring for Each Other initiative, the organization is offering free resources to help people of all ages navigate their "for-now" normal. Yes, you read that right: The programming caters to grownups, too. Since children look up to adults — and their reactions often mirror their parents' — Sesame Workshop is pushing out content to help kids and parents alike cope during quarantine. In addition to wellness resources like "Monster Meditation" videos in collaboration with Headspace, some of the tips currently offered at sesamestreet.org/caring focus on managing anxiety; creating simple routines to maintain a sense of control; being mindful about the way kids digest the ever-changing news; and staying virtually social while missing real-life interactions with friends. Additional topics will be rolled out on a weekly basis, and a just-launched campaign celebrates the families of front-line workers.

So, if you feel like you need a pick-me-up, why not check out a video of Cookie Monster trying healthy snacks, or follow Abby Cadabby's journey as she learns to self-hug? You certainly don't need to be a kid — or have a kid! — to spend some comforting and downright educational time on Sesame Street. And let's face it: You don't have anywhere else to go, anyway.

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