Credit: Kelly Chiello

If you feel emotionally unhinged, generally uncomfortable in possible way, or like the only worthwhile food groups are chocolate and mac and cheese when you’re on your period, you’re not alone. If we’re real-talking right now, dealing with your period can suck. Sure, some months it’s not too bad. But other times? It’s like 4-7 days of pure hell.

Inspired by our own doses of period misery, we decided to put together a list of seriously real thoughts that have probably crossed your mind each month.

1. So is this period going to make an appearance, or is this a sick game of hide and seek?

Whether it’s a few hours or a few days late, the waiting game has happened to all of us. It would be great if it always made its grand entrance when we were down the hall from a restroom with a fresh stock of tampons in our handbags, but sometimes our periods decide to be a little spontaneous and show up at the worst possible time, just like your Aunt Shirley who never calls before she comes over. You know, when you’re in a car with 30 miles until the next rest stop, or when you’re wearing white pants.

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2. Are these just horrible cramps or is my uterus under attack?

Raise your hand if not even the winning combo of Advil, a heating pad, and curling up in a ball works to eliminate the pain!

3. No, but really... When was the last time I changed my tampon?

Listen, life gets busy. Remembering the exact moment you went to the bathroom for almost a week is a hefty task.

4. Has this commercial always been so sad?!

Listen, everyone tears up when Sarah Mclachlan sings about the puppies, but when a paper towel commercial has you halfway through a box of tissues and triggers forgotten memories about your high school boyfriend and every hurtful thing that ever happened in your life, only your period is to blame.


There is a general discomfort on the first and second day of your period that words cannot describe.

6. Everything is annoying.

If you feel yourself ready to snap, walk away. Count to ten. BREATHE.

7. Thinking your period was over... only to realize it definitely wasn't.

And after you throw yourself a mini party, you realize you were SO WRONG and the evidence is clear.

8. The never-ending cravings are so real—and so delicious.

Ice cream. Tacos. Mashed potatoes. Pasta. You might as well tell your Seamless delivery person this is all for you... Because it is.