It meets the CDC’s guidelines and (sorry) it’ll probably sell out fast.

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Peter Thomas Roth Hand Sanitizer
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If you’ve been having trouble purchasing hand sanitizer recently, you’re not alone. Since the emergence of the novel coronavirus at the end of last year, most retailers and brands haven’t been able to keep up with the demand of sanitization supplies — presumably because of the CDC’s recommendation to “clean your hands often” in order to protect yourself and others. And while a shortage in supplies is less than ideal, the silver lining is that brands who may not have otherwise carried disinfectants are stepping up to help. Exhibit A: Peter Thomas Roth.

The buzzy skincare brand, loved by beauty editors and A-list celebs alike, released its first-ever hand sanitizer earlier this month in response to the nationwide hand sanitizer shortage. In fact, the brand repurposed parts of its manufacturing facility to make the travel-sized spray. Made with 80 percent alcohol antiseptic, it exceeds the CDC’s recommended alcohol content of 60 percent, and is housed in a convenient two-ounce spray bottle.

What’s more, Peter Thomas Roth announced it will be using its proceeds from the $10 bottles to help provide 5,000 bottles of sanitizer to Northwell Health Hospitals, the largest healthcare provider in New York State.

So far shoppers seem to be pleased with the product and the fact that the proceeds are being used to support healthcare workers. Some are even thanking the brand for “filling the need” by selling sanitizers when they’re so hard to find anywhere else. One five-star reviewer notes: “I’m so happy to see a company not only making hand sanitizer but also giving back during this time! I’m glad I was able to snag a few bottles to put in my purse/car/etc.”

Grab your own hand sanitizing spray bottle before it (inevitably) sells out, below.

Peter Thomas Roth Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Topical Solution
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