By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated Jun 08, 2016 @ 12:30 pm
Period Tracking App
Credit: Time Inc Digital Studio

You hear it all the time, but it's totally true: We're living at the height of convenience in all facets of our lives, including health and beauty. For example, there are techy hair dryers at our fingertips, numerous apps that bring a glam squad into your home, and delivery services that send you everything from tampons to cocktails.

Also on that list: period tracking apps, which help you keep track of everything from the times you get intimate to your expected period start date to your most fertile days of the month. And no, period apps aren't just for people trying to get pregnant—they're for anyone who has a period and wants more insight into their cycle. AKA, when it's going to make an appearance.

Personally speaking, I've been using a period tracking app for nearly four years, and it has completely changed my perspective on my own cycle. When I start feeling those tell-tale cramps coming on, I log into my app and see that, yeah, my period is six days away. Or if I'm feeling particularly bloated or notice my chocolate cravings are sky high, I'll log in and see that at this time, last month, I was feeling the exact same way. I can also track my basal temperature fluctuations, how long my periods last, and more.

Many period tracking apps have similar functions. Here are a few you can find out there now.

This is a very comprehensive period tracking app that allows you to input data relating to your health, mood, and cycle. It predicts when your next period will occur, tells you when your fertile days are, and gives you the option to include detailed information on everything from symptoms to discharge to your weight and temperature. It's set up like a calendar and you click on the day to add data.

This app predicts your next period, when you'll experience PMS, and your most fertile days. It plays up the "moods" aspect of your cycle, allowing you to track how you're feeling emotionally to see how your current mood is connected to your cycle. It will give you a countdown to your next period, as well, which feels a little bit like a countdown to doomsday, tbh, but it's very helpful.

The cute art for this app is a major selling point, somehow making your period feel more fun and less burdensome. For example, you can choose the app icon that appears on your phone, including a very discreet icon that simply says "P." Regarding features, Period Tracker allows you to take daily notes relating to moods, symptoms and intimacy, tracks when your period will occur and how many days late you are, and indicates your most fertile days.

Though this app works for anyone, it's especially nice for those who are trying to get pregnant. It tracks your entire menstrual cycle from spotting to flow to ovulation to fertility. It also allows you to set cycle reminders so you can get notifications regarding your cycle. The more active you are in tracking, the more accurate the app becomes in its ability to predict and help you conceive.