How to Actually Stick to Your Health and Fitness Resolutions, According to 8 Peloton Trainers

We asked the platform's pros to share their tried and true wisdom for staying consistent long past that promising first month of a fresh new year.

How to Stick to Your Fitness Resolutions, According to Peloton Trainers
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'Tis the season for resolution-making…and according to research, 'tis also the season for resolution breaking. If you've ever felt dejected by your own inability to maintain that alluring "new year new me" mentality longer than a few weeks, take heart: a recent study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health indicates you are far from alone. Apparently, about 64% of people abandon their New Year's resolutions within a month.

While there are myriad reasons why many of us abandon our vows to adopt healthier habits long before Valentine's Day rolls around, there are some common red flags that experts say sabotage even the most well-meaning resolution setter's successes. For one thing, many of us commit to vague goals like "getting fit" rather than focusing on specific objectives like "walking for 30 minutes a day." Plus, many of the resolutions we think we should make ("eat more greens!"; "do more crunches!") have little to do with our actual long-term goals and personal values, so we lose steam and motivation.

Certainly not all resolutions revolve around physical health, but the recent research does indicate that the vast majority of respondents wanted to make improvements to their diet (29% of participants) or exercise (24%). So how can a person actually commit to making meaningful, lasting behavioral changes in the realm of health and fitness?

One could argue that no one knows the art of inspirational messaging and mentorship quite like the instructors at Peloton (i.e one of the world's biggest home fitness brands, counting over 5.9 million members on the platform as of this summer). So we asked eight of the platform's pros to dish out their tried and true wisdom for staying consistent long past that promising first month of a fresh new year. Here's what they had to say:

1. Marcel Dinkins, running coach:

"My biggest advice for sticking with any plan is to set your expectations. Be honest with yourself; it won't feel great at the beginning. Be okay with that knowing that once you get into a groove you're going to feel amazing. If you can conquer this fear and lose the fairytale idea that it's going to be peachy at the start or that you'll have perfect consistency, you'll be more likely to have patience with yourself and embrace the adaptability needed to overcome the inevitable setbacks, rather than be taken out by them."

2. Hannah Corbin, cycling, strength, and stretching coach:

"Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love! On days where it just feels like too much, take a five-minute stretch or a 10-minute barre class. Motivation equals momentum, don't lose yours!"

3. Emma Lovewell, cycling, dance, and strength coach:

"I use my calendar religiously. If it's not on my calendar, then I won't do it. I find it helpful to pick which class I want to take the day before, and then schedule it on the Peloton App and in my calendar. It helps to keep me on track and then I won't be slowed down by indecision when deciding which class to take!"

4. Rebecca Kennedy, running, cardio, and strength coach:

"Number one: Start by just showing up. Then take it one day at a time, one workout at a time, and one movement at a time. Tasking yourself with reading an encyclopedia can be overwhelming, but reading one word at a time is absolutely manageable. You got this!

Number two: Remember to pay yourself a compliment and pat yourself on the back. YOU got yourself to show up. You got yourself through your workout. You will be the person that gets you to the next. You have all the power you need, and being proud of yourself keeps you motivated and positive about what you're doing.

Number three: Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right. Believe in yourself, your mindset will be what keeps you committed to your goals.

Number four: Trust the process. Don't forget to rest! Doing more workouts in a short period of time in order to reach our goals quicker doesn't actually work. In fact, overtraining or burnout can set us back. So schedule your rest days just like your workouts and trust the process."

5. Anna Greenberg, yoga and meditation instructor:

"The key to success in my experience is consistency, kindness, and fun! Set yourself up for success by committing to workouts and classes that you love, and have a buddy to take classes with because it's always a great idea for accountability and enjoyment.

Also, know that you are not a machine and it's okay to miss days that you had planned on if you're not feeling it — be kind to yourself! One of the most wonderful things about Peloton is how many different kinds of classes we offer so you can view your health and fitness journey holistically. If an intense workout isn't in the cards, respect that and try a restorative or slow flow yoga class, a meditation, a low impact ride, or a walk. There are so many ways to support yourself and stay on a positive track."

6. Ross Rayburn, yoga and meditation instructor:

"One method I recommend to build consistency is what I call, "Mantra Manifestation." It's based on the idea that ritual and sacredness are motivating. The ritual element is creating a three-part phrase that becomes a touchstone you can use every day because three's are powerful. Pick three words that magnify your vision for this year, because when your intention is deeper it has more power. My manifesting mantra for 2022 is listen, push, embrace.'"

7. Kirsten Ferguson, running coach:

"One: Find your village! Join a tag on Peloton, take live classes, high five away, and keep each other accountable! I've watched some beautiful friendships grow from the leaderboard!

Two: Set your schedule! You can set your schedule on the Peloton app and plan out your workouts! Add them to your calendar and make them a priority just like a meeting is.

Three: Mix up your workouts! Changing things up isn't only beneficial for the body but will also help prevent burnout of any one particular workout!"

8. Andy Speer, running, cardio, and strength coach:

"My two biggest tips for maintaining your fitness routine through the new year: Find your routine. Find Your People.

Use January to figure out what times and days work best for your schedule. On the days you don't 'feel like it', just show up. Always remember you don't have to have the most intense workout everyday day. Showing up builds confidence and routine. The more you show up the better you feel.

Find your people. Find the instructors and classes that resonate with you. Peloton is more than just a workout, although that's how it often starts. Listen to messages, pay attention to coaching styles. It may take a minute, but when you find you people the support and accountability you'll find at Peloton is unmatched."

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