10 Online Workouts to Try, Based on Your Favorite Studio Classes

The best part: Many of them are free.

Home Workouts to Replace Gym Classes
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Staying active in the midst of a pandemic might seem totally impossible. Especially if you’re one of the millions of people who prefer to work out in a class. In that case, coronavirus-induced gym and fitness studio closures are likely hitting you hard.

Here’s some good news: Many of your favorite studios are taking their workouts online, and often, for free. Ahead, the best online workouts to check out if you’re usually a boutique fitness junkie, depending on your typical class of choice.

If you love spinning…

Try: SoulCycle’s Off the Bike

Assuming you don’t already have a Peloton or regular stationary bike, getting a spin workout in at home is going to be tricky. But once their studios closed, the folks over at SoulCycle knew their devotees would need an option for getting their fix. That’s why they created Off the Bike, a free Instagram class series featuring zero-equipment workouts three times a week. In addition to the workouts, the brand is running meditation workouts and discussions about fitness to keep their community motivated.

If you love HIIT classes...

Try: The Class

Celebs like Emma Stone and Naomi Watts flock to Taryn Toomey’s The Class, which combines plyometrics and calisthenics with immersive music. With a mindful component, The Class is likely to not only provide the sweat-dripping workout you’re looking for, but also an emotional release from pent-up stress and anxiety. Choose from live streamed classes (there are three on weekdays, two on weekend days), or a library of pre-recorded sessions. Toomey is offering a 2-week free trial, with a monthly fee of $40 afterwards.

If you love conditioning classes…

Try: OrangeTheory at Home

Hosted on the brand’s Instagram account, OrangeTheory is supplying diehards with 30-minute home workouts that are completely living-room or backyard-friendly. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor, you can hook it up to the studio’s app to record your heart rate zones and splat points, just like in class.

If you love megaformer classes…

Try: Solidcore at Home

According to ClassPass, megaformer classes saw a major uptick in popularity in 2019. If you’re one of the many who took up these incredibly challenging core-focused classes, you’re in luck. Head on over to Solidcore’s IGTV channel for a variety of at-home workouts that use sliders to mimic the effects of the infamous core-busting machine.

If you love CrossFit…

Try: CrossFit.com

If your local box isn’t providing at-home programming, you can always go to CrossFit’s head office for free WOD suggestions. Their site has an “at home” section, which includes workouts that utilize household items (think: water jugs) in place of the fitness equipment you’re used to.

If you love barre…

Try: Pure Barre GO

Barre giant Pure Barre has had streaming classes available for a while via a monthly subscription ($30 per month after a 7-day free trial). But they recently launched Pure Barre GO on Facebook, where they host free live barre classes for those missing their in-studio workouts. With a light set of dumbbells and a countertop or chair to grab onto, you can get a solid workout from the comfort of your home.

If you love dance cardio…

Try: The Sculpt Society

Followers of Something Navy’s Arielle Charnas will recognize Megan Roup from Charnas’ Instagram stories as her trainer of choice. Roup had a streaming service before coronavirus ever entered the picture, which means her platform, The Sculpt Society, already has a wide variety of dance cardio and sculpting workouts to choose from. Right now, she’s offering a two-week free trial, along with 50 percent off a yearly subscription, which comes in at $120. Roup’s also hosting free Instagram Live workouts regularly on her account.

If you love bootcamps...

Try: Barry’s at Home

If you think it’d be hard to replicate the intensity of a bootcamp class at home… think again. The notoriously tough Barry’s Bootcamp trainers are hosting free workouts on their IGTV channel, and they’ll definitely deliver the burn you’re used to. Most workouts require no equipment, but a few make use of resistance bands for an extra challenge.

If you love yoga classes…

Try: Sky Ting TV

NYC-based yoga studio Sky Ting has been doing online classes in their plant-filled studio through Sky Ting TV since last fall. Classes are broken down into levels, making it easy to figure out which ones suit your needs. The first 7 days are free, and afterwards you’ll pay a $20 monthly fee.

Side note: If you prefer power-style yoga, CorePower Yoga has made some of their on demand classes free to all. To get access to all of their classes, a subscription costs $20 per month.

If you love boxing classes…

Try: Rumble at Home

Boxing workouts aren’t as hard to replicate at home as you might think. Studio chain Rumble is posting boxing-inspired HIIT workouts regularly on their IGTV channel, like many of the other studios on this list.

The coronavirus pandemic is unfolding in real time, and guidelines change by the minute. We promise to give you the latest information at time of publishing, but please refer to the CDC and WHO for updates.

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