Torah Snowboarding Olympic Prep
Credit: Courtesy Roxy

She's got two Olympic medals to her name (NBD) and a plethora of other accolades on and off the slopes, but professional snowboarder Torah Bright also happens to be an expert at living her best life (after spending a weekend hanging out with her, I can attest this is absolutely true). Below, ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, I chatted with Bright about her training routine, how she fuels her body for a day on the mountain, and her can't-live-without beauty essentials.

What are your beauty secrets?

The old saying "beauty starts from within" is so true! My general eating program is clean whole foods with limited sugars. For surface beauty, I love my Arbonne Re9 skincare regime. It gives the benefit of the medical grade skincare without the toxic chemicals.

What’s always in your makeup bag?

A pressed powder SPF foundation and a mascara will always be found in my makeup bag. I love a little lash and something to even out the skin and give it a glow.

How do you de-knot your hair in time for apres-ski if you’ve spent a day on the slopes?

The key is not to get it knotted! To avoid this I need two hair elastics - one to secure the hair close to the head and the other at the end of my braid or double pony. If you happen to get it completely knotted because you were having too much fun… embrace it and create a big messy braid or a bun on top of the head!

Is diet a big part of your training? What does a day of meals for you look like?

With age, diet has become an even bigger part of my training. It's important to get the right fuel in order to keep energy and performance up. I limit my carbohydrate intake and no sugars. My plate would be 30% protein and the rest all leafy greens and veggies cooked, and sprinkled with good fats. In the morning I will start off with a bulletproof coffee or herbal tea. I usually won’t need to eat until lunch, where I would have a hearty salad with protein. This would most likely be my biggest meal. I have a light dinner, which could be as simple as chicken with steamed greens and a some baked sweet potato.

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Do you carry snacks with you on the hill?

You will find nuts or an avocado in my bag on the hill. Seems to do the trick.

What does your fitness regime look like?

Coming into the winter I focus on building strength. Typically I would do 3 strength sessions, combined with functional movement training and Pilates. I like to mix things up so that my body does not become comfortable with my routine. I like finding instabilities and working through them. Mid-winter, my main focus is snowboarding and being on snow as much as I can, I do whatever feels good to my body and maintenance- lots of recovery for after long days on the hill.

Walk us through a typical day in the life of Torah.

I have no typical routine as the days are forever changing. I need to be fluid and take it as it comes. My sport and winter training or filming is all weather dependent. I typically love to wake up and make myself a hot beverage. Then on to a short meditation or gratitude practice. Then I am ready for whatever the days brings!

What are your slope essentials?

My Roxy Bright Edition outfit! I work with the Roxy designers on an outerwear line that is beautiful yet badass. It looks to blend high performance with cutting-edge fashion. It's everything I need to feel and look good on the hill! The best part about designing with the Roxy team is that the women behind it are all shredders themselves…they get what I am portraying in both technical and fashion direction!

Tell me about the new concept of ski clothing with built-in beauty ingredients!

My most coveted winter accessory is the Roxy Biotherm neck warmer - it is wearable skincare! If you have ever spent time on the mountain, you know how the elements can really challenge your skin. This neck warmer has a technology where moisturizer is infused into the neck warmer itself. With movement against your skin, the moisturizer beadlets burst and your skin is being nourished as you shred!!! If you’re a winter runner… think of the amazingness this could offer you too!? The possibilities are endless with this wearable skincare technology!

You’ve been with ROXY for nearly 20 years. Why is it such a great fit for you?

When I was a young girl I chose Roxy because I wanted to be part of a brand that inspired females to go against the grain, listen to their hearts, live in there their own power, while making waves and moving mountains. This is what every athlete has done on Roxy. They dared to follow their hearts. I am obsessed with all the passionate Roxy females within the company who continue to push the brand and inspire the new generation of Roxy girls!