If you love a good themed dance party and '90s nostalgia as much as we do, this workout from obé trainer Walter Kemp is a must.

By Kylie Gilbert
Oct 23, 2020 @ 6:03 pm
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When it comes to Halloween, fitness streaming app obé takes things very seriously — just think of it as that one friend who has been planning out every detail of her costume for months in advance.

That's why the platform created an entire program of themed workout classes leading up to the big day, including '70s Disco Inferno HIIT, '80s Richard Simmons Dance Aerobics, and Haunted House Party Strength. (All are available on the app, which allows you to work out live with some of the top NYC instructors for $27 per month.)

"We all love any excuse to get dressed up these days, and our members love a throwback and a theme," say co-founders Mark Mullett and Ashley Mills. "They show up to class in head-to-toe costumes, often coordinating with friends they've met through obé."

If you love a good themed dance party and '90s nostalgia as much as we do, look no further than the '90s Hip Hop Dance Workout. "Dance HIIT combines low-intensity movements from our signature dance classes with high-intensity circuits from our HIIT workouts for a full-body workout that brings the fun! It's like bringing the club and boot camp into your living room," says trainer Walter Kemp.

Here's a breakdown of the workout, which he recommends pairing with "Pump Up the Jam" or "Baby Got Back" to get in the true '90s hip-hop spirit.

Repeat all five moves two to three times for a complete under 30-minute workout.

1. Squat Reach

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Bend at your knees with weight back in your heels. Press through your heels to stand and reach your arms up over head.

2. Skaters

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Standing with feet together, hop to your right foot with a bent knee tracking over the toes. Cross left foot and reach behind your right foot, left arm reaching to the floor. Repeat on the opposite side.

3. Slides + Fast Feet

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Step and drag to the right and left, while pulling your elbow across your chest. Bring your hands in front of you and quick feet shuffle backward.

4. Alternating Punches + Kicks

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Jab across your body four times to the front, kick forward right and left, pulling arms down beside your kicking leg.

5. High Knees

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Run in place with maximum effort, driving knees up to chest.