By Tessa Trudeau
Updated Aug 23, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
Credit: PeopleImages/Getty

Clear skin: we all want it, but not all of us are quite sure how to make it happen. When every health and beauty site has endless advice for clearing up our faces, it can all be a bit overwhelming. Which serum do I use? Will this lotion make my face oily? How do I get rid of this breakout? These are all questions we ask ourselves, and sometimes we just don't know where to start.

To help clear things up (no pun intended), we spoke with nutritionist, wellness expert, and multi-time New York Times best-selling author Kimberly Snyder, who set the facts straight on the matter. She shared the top three tips she gives her clients, and each hack starts from the inside out—no products necessary. Read below to see what she had to say.

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"I highly recommend doing our Glow Bio cleanses seasonally because it’s giving your body a chance to catch up with digestion," she suggested. "The other thing is ongoing cleansing—it’s what you do everyday. People are always thinking about what they put in, but what we need to do is figure out how to take out all the stuff that weighs us down. I’m talking about toxins, I'm talking about byproducts of metabolism; even if we lived in a perfect place, we'd still get all these heavy metals, pesticides, air pollution, contaminants in the water supply. There's so much that gets into our bodies and it lodges in our system in different ways and it creates millions of radicals, it weighs down and shows up in our skin. It's our largest organ. So if we really want to be our healthiest and most vital long term, we have to have things that clean us out and those things include fiber and enzymes. And the easiest way to get that in is the next part of the morning routine, which is the Glowing Green smoothie, which is my signature recipe that all my clients have across the board, men, women. We sell it at Glow, it’s part of the cleanses, it chelates to the heavy metals, escorts them out."


"Dairy is very congestive for a lot of people—a lot of people don’t digest it well," she explained. "So if you’re going to have milk, have almond milk or hemp milk or coconut milk, they even have it at Starbucks. If you’re going to have cheese, even goat cheese digests better than cow’s milk dairy. And for yogurt, there’s coconut yogurt and almond-milk yogurt."


Snyder also suggests that we "optimize digestion in the way that we order foods and combine them to make digestion as easy as possible, because it’s such an energy-intensive process. And when we free up energy from digestion—I call this beauty energy—then we have more energy to rebuild the collagen in our skin, everything looks better. We don’t want things sitting in there, fermenting and putrefying."