It’s one of the most affordable options we’ve found.

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Tracking down a reusable fabric face mask that’s also comfortable and affordable has felt like an indoor goose chase. Even though dozens of brands and suppliers began producing masks when the CDC issued its recommendation that all Americans wear protective face coverings in public, demand has been so high that many are consistently running out of stock.

The efforts, while honorable and appreciated, have been inconsistent and unreliable to consumers simply looking to protect themselves and others during the pandemic. On top of that, the purchase of multiple reusable face masks has become an additional financial stress at an already turbulent economic time.

Finally, one of our pillars of online shopping has arrived with a solution: Nordstrom just launched cotton face masks, and they’re one of the best deals we’ve seen yet. Available in black, white, or a mix of the two, each pack of six masks retails for $24, which comes out to just $4 per mask.

The double-ply, 100 percent cotton masks are sized to fit most adults, with a pleated front that expands over your mouth and nose for a secure fit. Elastic ear hooks make them easy to put on, and just as easy to snap off once you’re safely through the front door.

While some retailers’ production costs have resulted in single masks being sold for $24, the scale of Nordstrom’s business has allowed it to sell packs of six for the same amount, while still diverting some of that revenue to donating a mask to individuals in need per pack purchased.

We recommend having a rotation of masks available, so that you’re able to wear a clean mask for each outing while only having to wash the lot once a week. Nordstrom’s masks are machine washable and dryer-friendly, so those with access to washing machines don’t even have to worry about hand-washing.

While these mask sets are currently in stock, we caution against a potential sell-out; shop six-packs of masks at Nordstrom for $24.

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