By Christina Shanahan
Updated Jul 08, 2016 @ 3:00 pm
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Nike's easy-to-use Nike+ Training Club app has been a longtime favorite for fitness aficionado and beginners alike, thanks to the easy-to-use interface and pro workout instructions. Lucky for us, the homescreen-worthy download just got a major upgrade. The newest version of the free app combines the professional expertise Nike is known for with more personalization features that will help you kick off a training plan tailored to your needs. The best part? There are now more than 100 exclusive workouts from top athletes and celebrity trainers that you can stream, ranging from low-impact, no-equipment required routines you can master at home to strength training moves that you can easily follow along with at your gym.

Here, our picks for the three sweat sessions that'll have you channeling your inner Olympian in no time.

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Perfect Alignment with Gabby Douglas

This 17-minute workout can be done anywhere you can lay down a yoga mat (hello, living room). Designed by Nike, this quick program employs key techniques from the gymnast's own training that will increase core stability, improve core and hip strength, and tone smaller muscles that are commonly overlooked. “We’re going to work on the small muscles that sometimes get missed, to make your core, hips, and glutes lean and more toned,” Douglas cheerfully tells app users who launch her challenge.

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The Balance Program with Simone Biles

If you're not already familiar with Biles, here's your chance to get to know her better. The teen gymnast is already a favorite in the Olympic trials, so you're likely to see her dominating in Rio next month. This workout was created by Nike Master Trainer Nikki Metzger with the goal of increasing Simone’s core stability and total body strength. It requires some equipment including dumbbells, a plyo box, a heavy resistance band, a pull-up bar, a suspension trainer, and a medicine ball, so you'll want to put that gym membership to good use for this one. “In this workout, focus on controlling your strength through your core and lower body,” Biles tells users on screen.

The Fast Forward with Alex Morgan

You don't have to be a pro soccer player to increase your speed while simultaneously tightening your core. This workout was created by Morgan’s trainer, Dan Schuck, in order to help Morgan increase her speed in small spaces. Though Morgan's goal was learning to decelerate and change directions quickly to beat her opponents, this workout can help you increase agility and condition your core. "Be explosive and deliberate with every jump to get the most out of it,” Morgan advises app users. Noted!

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The Nike+ Training Club app is available for free in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.