The Crazy Rich Asians star shares her stunt-ready fitness routine and the secret to her #MichelleYeohGlow.

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Michelle Yeoh
Credit: Marie H. Rainville/CBS

Long before she played the fearsome matriarch in the hit comedy Crazy Rich Asians, Yeoh was performing death-defying stunts in early-’90s action films. Riding motorcycles and leaping onto speeding trains alongside the likes of Jackie Chan were all in a day’s work. “We had wild times,” says the Malaysian actress. “People thought we were using green screens. Jackie and I would look at each other, like, ‘ What green screen?’”

While you won’t find the Boss Level star jumping from helicopters these days (“I draw my line now—I could have been hurt really badly!”), she stays ready for hand-to-hand combat scenes by doing nearly two hours of cardio a day, often in the form of shadowboxing. “The biggest respect you pay to the people you’re fighting is being accurate. So when they say to punch the person in the sternum, you don’t end up punching them in the throat,” she says. “I practice every day.”

Here, the other daily practices that keep Yeoh centered.

Workout Anywhere

Michelle Yeoh
Credit: Courtesy Michelle Yeoh

Yeoh, doing yoga here on a trip to Japan, makes a point of calibrating her fitness routine to her locale. “When you’re surrounded by nature, it’s a shame not to be part of it.

Start Fresh

Michelle Yeoh
Credit: Angelo Cavalli/Getty Images

To wake up, Yeoh ends morning showers with a blast of icy water. “I swear, if you get warmed up enough then turn on the cold, it actually feels really refreshing,” she says. “Some of my friends go straight to cold. I’m still a little bit of a wimp.”

Get Your Kicks

Michelle Yeoh
Credit: Moviestore collection Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

"I’m glad I did [my own stunts], but I’m also glad that I’m not rolling off cars anymore," says Yeoh, seen here in the 1992 film Police Story 3: Super Cop. "Been there, done that!”

Treat Yourself

Michelle Yeoh
Credit: Courtesy Michelle Yeoh

“I eat everything,” Yeoh says. “I like to dine well. But I can hang out, man. I can’t live without red wine. And I love frozen yogurt.”

Get Glowing

Yeoh’s luminous skin at the Oscars caused the hashtag #MichelleYeohGlow to go viral on the Chinese social site Weibo. Her secret? A multistep skin-care routine, which includes this Augustinus Bader moisturizer and Tatcha smoothing essence.