Lululemon's First-Ever Running Shoe Is Officially Available to Shop

Here are my honest thoughts on the new Blissfeel, designed specifically for women's feet.

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Lululemon Sneakers Blissfeel Pink Shoe
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On a recent jog ( ... slash walk) through my neighborhood testing out Lululemon's first-ever running shoe, two women stopped to ask me some variation of, "Wait, Lululemon makes sneakers?!" It happened again the next day in my Orangetheory class. Because while there are countless sneakers on the market, that tiny swirled Lululemon logo holds a lot of weight with women, it turns out.

So, when the brand decided to enter the footwear game, they knew it had to feel and perform as well as their apparel — and it had to be made for women's feet. Because little-known fact: A woman's foot is not simply a scaled-down version of the male foot, yet the sneakers we buy are designed for men first, then given what's essentially the "shink it and pink it" treatment.

Lululemon Sneakers Blissfeel Green Sole

"We intentionally started with women first, because we saw an opportunity to solve for the fact that, more often than not, performance shoes are designed for men and then adapted for women. That didn't sit well with us," Sun Choe, Lululemon's chief product officer, said at the brand's launch event in New York City, which took place on International Women's Day.

"It feels like a long time coming that women get a shoe that's built for us," Colleen Quigley, track and field athlete and Lululemon ambassador, added. (Don't worry, a men's line is set to come out next year, so they don't feel left out.)

So, Lululemon spent four years of development working with leading biomechanics and foot morphology experts to build a shape from scratch based on scans of more than a million feet to find the perfect fit. After gathering feedback from a wide range of women (including track and field athletes), the final collection was born: The Blissfeel running shoe (available to purchase today) and three additional styles, the Chargefeel low and mid workout shoe, the Strongfeel training shoe, and the Restfeel slide, which will drop in the coming months.

Lululemon Sneakers full lineup

Like their apparel, each shoe within the collection is designed to deliver a specific feeling (shout out to their famous "naked" sensation legging that I've worn religiously for the past five years) and the materials reflect that. For example, the Blissfeel running shoe has a thick layer of exclusive compound foam to balance cushioning, energy return, and performance. Bonus: It also comes in 10 colorways.

So, how does the Blissfeel actually feel? Really freaking good. Can you tell it's made specifically for women's feet (for example, a narrower heel and wider forefoot)? Kind of. Mostly though, I wasn't even thinking about my feet at all for a change, because they were that comfortable. Did they make running feel easy or blissful? Sadly, no. I find running hard and probably always will — but I am excited to put these on, which is certainly a start!

My take: If you're a serious runner and already have a go-to running shoe you adore, I probably wouldn't ditch it. But if you, like me, find the fit and feel of your current pair to be lacking, I highly recommend giving them a try. They haven't made me love running, but I no longer have to think about my shoes when I'm struggling on the treadmill or have to deal with weird foot pain after every run, which is a welcome improvement. They're also pretty much guaranteed to earn you a compliment or two.

The Blissfeel running shoe is available to purchase online ($148; and in select stores across North America, mainland China, and the United Kingdom.

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