Lola Period Kit Lead
Credit: lola/Instagram

Your first period is a moment defined by a multitude of strong emotions—one you’ll never forget. For many of us, it was uncomfortable, exciting, maybe a little scary, but most of all, overwhelmingly confusing. Not only do you have to get used to a monthly visitor, who sometimes stops by with killer cramps on the side, but you have to navigate and entire new genre of personal care products and the endless options. Tampons, pads, panty liners, oh my?! I think I cried the first time I tried to navigate this aisle, or even the directions on the back of a tampon box.

Lola, an organic tampon subscription company, recognized this significant step in a woman’s health, and in an effort to make it a little easier, launched the ultimate period introduction kit.

The brand’s First Period Kit ($34; is a box filled with a selection of organic-based period products for a girl to choose from and learn about. It includes light applicator tampons, ultra thin night pads with wings, ultra thin day pads with wings, ultra thing panty liners, a pouch to put everything in, some stickers (they make everything better, yeah?), and an instruction card to explain everything.

It also launched with a free Puberty e-book that was produced in collaboration with leading pediatrician Dr. Lisa Stern. It breaks down the basics on what’s going on inside and outside your body, and what to expect next. It also further explains products you can use, and offers answers to common questions and helpful suggestions for how to handle situations, like what to do if you get your period in the middle of class.

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Throw in a fuzzy blanket and a heating pad, and this might be my ideal period survival kit.