By Erin Lukas
Updated Oct 17, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
Love Wellness - LEAD
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Cute isn’t usually used to describe feminine hygiene products, but Lo Bosworth is about to change that. The former The Hills star and founder of the successful lifestyle blog The LoDown has more than moved on from the show, and her latest venture Love Wellness, couldn't be the furthest thing from reality TV.

The all-natural, OB/GYN-approved feminine hygiene and wellness line was inspired in part by period-positive brands like Thinx and Lola, along with Bosworth’s own frustrating experiences where one doctor even told her she had “bad plumbing”. “The goal was to create a collection of all-natural products that actually work that women feel good about having in their bathroom,” Bosworth said at the brand’s launch party at her New York apartment.

The plumbing issues Bosworth is referring to include yeast infections, BV, and abnormal smells—all unpleasant common problems that many women experience and Love Wellness has products to address. Currently, the range includes The Killer ($24;, a boric acid-based powder suppository that tackles yeast infections by returning the vaginal pH level to its normal state, and Do It All Wipes ($8;, cotton coconut oil soaked wipes for freshening up on-the-go. A trio of supplements round out the collection with Good Girl Probiotics ($28;, that balances the gut, which is directly linked to feminine health, Perfect Condition Vitamin ($28;, a blend of turmeric, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract, folic acid, garlic, and boron which destroys yeast on a cellular level, and Blue Tea ($24;, made with blue green algae and vegetable protein that acts as an overall antioxidant. A pH balancing cleanser and moisturizer will launch in November.

Along with bringing vaginal health back with natural ingredients rather than the harsh chemicals that are present in many drugstore options, Bosworth has also taken a minimalist approach to the line’s packaging, which is discreet with soft colors that can only be described as chic. Not to mention, the brand's unofficial mascot "Pia" a cat-shaped pouch. “I decided from the get-go that if we’re going to create a line for women it’s going to be beautiful and unlike anything anyone has ever seen before,” Bosworth said. “I was shocked we were the first to be doing this. I can’t think of any other company that’s created a collection of products like this in the way that we’re doing it.”

Aside from not giving up and choosing natural products based on her never finding success with drugstore options, Bosworth has one other tip for keeping your vagina healthy. “A great gynecologist once told me to sleep without underwear on. Every night never sleep in your underwear—and it’s amazingly freeing.”