Kourtney Kardashian Doesn't Get Cramps, Proves She's a Magical Creature

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

Here’s a little fact we can all agree on — the Kardashians understand the beauty industry. And by understand, I really mean that they dominate it.

And while Kylie’s got the whole liquid lipstick thing pretty much down, she’s def not the only sister with huge news. ICYMI, Kourtney K., the sis we look to for cool health news and basically all the hair inspo in the world, is now a Global Brand Ambassador for Manuka Doctor, a skin-care line that uses the power of manuka honey (as you may have guessed) and purified bee venom in its products.

I was lucky enough to chat with Kourtney about her new role and her partnership kickoff event. I, of course, came prepped with about a million questions.

First, I had to know about her favorite product from the line. While she told me she always uses the brand’s honey in her tea and shakes (BTW, it’s delish), it’s the Manuka Doctor Replenishing Facial Oil ($28; manukadoctor.com) that’s won over her heart. In fact, Kourtney has a very interesting use for her beloved oil. Ready for this? Kourt says it doubles as an eye cream.

“My favorite product is the Replenishing Oil,” she tells me. “I use it every night, and I’ve always used an oil on my eyelids and under my eyes. Kim and I have always done that since like the 7th grade,” she says.

But that that’s not the only way she uses it. Turns out, it’s quite the multi-tasker.

“I put it on my hands every night, as my final thing because you shouldn’t neglect your hands. But, I just love it. I would say that’s my favorite, for sure. Sometimes I’ll put it on my body.”

Not a bad trick, right? Thinking she had more tricks up her sleeve (and because I hate PMS symptoms), I needed to know if she had any hacks for getting rid of menstrual cramps.

Well, turns out Kourtney is, indeed, a magical creature because she doesn’t get any. And to be fair, she is truly radiant in person, so I wouldn't be surprised if she actually was magical...

“You know what’s weird, I don’t get cramps,” she told me. “I really do not get them. I forgot about them, to be honest. I think I did get them in high school, and I just don’t [anymore].”

Lucky, lucky.

Finally, I left our chat knowing that Kourtney, too, is a fan of Kylie’s matte lip phenomenon, but there’s one more look she’s dying for her to try.

"We keep saying, all the time that we want to do each other’s makeup. I want to do my natural 5-minute makeup on her and she wants to do like her — she’s amazing at doing makeup. Most of the time, she does her makeup herself, so she always says she wants to do mine and just what she thinks I should do my makeup like. So, we said we’re going to do it and film it for our apps," she said.

Um, I’d watch.

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