By Victoria Moorhouse
Sep 29, 2017 @ 3:00 pm

Life doesn’t really slow down for the Kardashian family. Kim’s surrogate’s pregnant. Kylie is apparently pregnant. And Khloé? She’s also reported to be expecting, but on top of all that, she’s finally confirmed the return date of her reality TV show Revenge Body. The second season hits TV screens on December 10th, but it airs with 17 brand new contestants and new fitness instructors—one of which is celebrity trainer and founder of NW Method, Nicole Winhoffer.

A pro who’s worked with celebrities like Madonna, Kate Hudson, and Spike Jones, Winhoffer joins the Kardashian squad with a specialty in dance and rhythmic, dynamic exercises that give her clients a 360-degree workout. It clearly works too—after working out together one hour a day, six days a week for three months, she told InStyle the contestant she was partnered with lost over 55 lbs.

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She also confirmed that the fitness fanatic KoKo you see on TV and on social media is the real deal. "She’s so healthy, and it makes her feel good, which is why she wanted to create this show because she changed her life through exercise and wanting to be her best self with mind, body, soul," Winhoffer shared. "And that’s why she created this show—to give other people that opportunity."

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Fresh off the news of all these KarJenner babies on the way, we also got the scoop from Winhoffer about the best exercises for anyone expecting. "I’m a big believer in continuing movement throughout the pregnancy because it’s good for blood flow and the muscles to get exercise, so when you’re pushing the baby out, it’s not just a big huge surprise," Winhoffer shared with InStyle.

Don't go canceling your gym membership, but maybe lay off the CrossFit. 

She says to look for low-impact workouts that will keep your muscles flexible, like dancing. Not only does she swear it’s good for your soul and your heart, she says it’ll train your body to be reactive. "You’re going to be going through this whole process where your body is changing–doing a workout where there is a lot of changes is really important."

Here's hoping Khloé will share her own pregnancy workout secrets on Snapchat soon. You can check out the second season of Revenge Body on December 10th at 10 p.m. ET on E!.