Here's How Kate Hudson Stays Healthy While Traveling

Production for "Knives Out 2" is currently underway in Greece, and the actress is taking her immune health into her own hands.

Kate Hudson
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Kate Hudson wears a lot of hats, from actress to entrepreneur to mother to fitness guru. And last year, when Covid-19 struck and the world stood still, the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star did not. Hollywood's wellness goddess expanded her empire (which includes her activewear line Fabletics, alkaline water vodka brand, and her partnership with WW ) to include supplements with her new brand INBLOOM — and it couldn't have come at a better time.

INBLOOM launched in August 2020 with five plant-based "wellness jars" that combine vitamins, essential herbs, minerals, and adaptogens designed to boost your energy, improve sleep, strengthen your immune system, and prevent "stress aging." (In fact, she even moved up the launch date in order to do her part and help people's health at the height of the pandemic, she explained.)

Now, Hudson is once again leading the way in the wellness arena during the ongoing pandemic. As cases surge with the Delta variant ramping up, INBLOOM is here with Immune Defense, a powder mixture of essential vitamins (vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc) and herbs to strengthen our immune systems, support our respiratory system, improve circulation, and boost our energy in a most critical time. The sustainably and ethically sourced powder blend is available now on for $65 and can be added to water at any point during the day. (Hudson takes her Immune Defense first thing in the morning.)

The blend, which launched last week, contains astragalus, elderberry, zinc, ginger, Vitamin D, acerola fruit, and licorice to protect your immune system — something that was imperative to the actress while she's traveling for work. Currently, she is in Greece filming Knives Out 2, the much anticipated and star-studded sequel to the first installment (though, she was tight-lipped about the upcoming film, unforch).

Kate Hudson

"It's helped keep me healthy all while traveling, working, and maintaining a busy schedule this summer," she tells InStyle, adding that eating healthy, exercising, drinking water, and getting enough sleep also all contribute to her overall health and wellness.

Plus, the supplement is already quite the hit in Hudson's inner circles. "My family takes it as well, we all love it," she says. "It tastes delicious and is so easy to incorporate into your routine."

Along with boosting your immune system, INBLOOM offers a variety of products all with their own bevy of benefits. Hudson says she loves INBLOOM's Beauty Aura that contains marine collagen, "which is amazing for skin, hair, and nail health." Another go-to beauty product in her arsenal? The Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream ($15,, which she says her family puts on everything ("cuts, burns, scrapes, dryness.") She'll even apply it after a long flight or a day of wearing heavy makeup. Her other staple is Green Apple Peel Face Mask from Juice Beauty ($49;, a powerful exfoliating mask. "I love and use regularly."

But we know that no matter how many masks, creams, or serums we use, beauty isn't just skin deep. So Hudson stresses looking inward first, she tells us. "If you aren't taking care of the inside, then the outside will suffer too."

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