"I wanted to make nutrition accessible, affordable, and not too daunting,” Hudson says of her new plant-based powders.

By Kylie Gilbert
Aug 25, 2020 @ 4:41 pm

Kate Hudson may be the queen of rom-com (we'll probably never stop obsessing over How to a Lose a Guy in 10 Days) but she's been just as successful in her second act as an entrepreneur and wellness mogul. Now — adding to her activewear line Fabletics, her alkaline water vodka brand, and her partnership with WW — Hudson is expanding her empire to include supplements.

Dropping today, INBLOOM includes five plant-based powders or 'wellness jars' ($49 each; tobeinbloom.com) that claim to boost energy, improve sleep, clear brain fog, fortify your immune system, and prevent 'stress aging', through a mix of essential herbs, minerals, vitamins, and adaptogens.

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In other words, they're geared towards solving the mind and body woes plaguing many of us at the moment.

That's why after COVID-19 hit and many vitamins became hard to find, Hudson pushed to move up the launch (originally slated for next year) to help support people's health now, she explains over our Zoom interview from her Colorado home where she's been sheltering in place.

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"Stress and anxiety are things people have struggled with forever. You add a pandemic on top of it and you're going to have far more than you would have ever possibly imagined. Knowing that we're all together in this is a wonderful source of support, but there are also actionable things you can be doing to help," Hudson says. "It's why we use adaptogens, herbs that calm stress, in almost every one of our products. Even with energy, you want it without the jittery aspect. Especially right now, we don't need to feel more jacked up; we need to feel calmly energetic."

Formulated by herbalists and nutritionists over the past two years, the products are 100% plant-based and free of synthetics, gluten, and sugar, but importantly, they're not totally out of reach for the average person. "With this idea of wellness being on-trend, a lot of things in the wellness world are quite expensive," Hudson says. "I wanted to make nutrition accessible, affordable, and not too daunting,” Hudson says.

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For Hudson, keeping her stress levels in check also comes from sleeping enough, not pushing herself too hard, and prioritizing movement. "Now that Rani is getting a little bit older and her nap schedule is longer, I've been able to work out at least 30 minutes a day, maybe five times a week. I make sure that I don't go a day without doing something for 30 minutes. I've been doing that since April and I've noticed enormous changes in my body."

Hudson's approach to fitness: "I do everything. I have to switch it up, I get so bored," she says. "I've been loving the Obé app, they have 20-minute workouts that are really hard and if you do them with the proper form they're really effective. I love my yoga apps, like Glo, and I use Body by Simone and Tracy Anderson's apps too — there's nothing better than her abs workout. I love my Peloton. I love Pilates — that's always been my number one."

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Although Hudson considers bringing health and wellness to the masses to be her true passion, she also points out that the INBLOOM launch — which includes an antioxidant and marine collagen powder designed for skin, hair, and nails — is "her first move into beauty." (And probably not her last.)

In fact, it's where the idea of creating the perfect supplement with everything she used and loved began. “Really where it started for me was beauty. Magazines would always ask me, you know, 'What are your favorite beauty products? What do you do to keep your skin looking rested?'" she recalls — her makeup-free skin glowing, in case you were wondering. "My answer was always, ‘I know this is boring, but it's an inside out job.’"