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Walmart CPC: Here's How J.Lo Convined Me To Buy a $5 Yoga Mat
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The most inspirational video I watched in 2019 was of Jennifer Lopez pole-dancing in her living room while telling her stripper teacher it’s fine if they install dance floor mats and a stripper pole in her home because A.Rod is gone for the next couple of days. This was all within the first sixty seconds of a fourteen-minute-long video with over nine million views titled How I mastered the Pole Dance Hustlers BTS Part 1. Thirty seconds later, Lopez is adjusting her shiny silver stilettos while admiring her perfect set of abs in the mirror. Obviously, girl has her hoops in. Like I said, this video makes me want to be better.

In the video, Lopez doesn’t just master pole dancing. She’s humbled by it. She exclaims it might just be the hardest thing she’s ever learned while looking at her teacher in awe. “It’s crazy you can even do that,” says Jennifer Lopez, the woman who most people would say, “It’s crazy she can even do that,” about everything she does. And yet, no matter how unbelievably hard learning to look like a professional stripper who could easily swindle you out of thousands of dollars of cash, in just six short weeks was, Lopez did it and then some. When her instructor asks what look Lopez is going for with her opening dance number of the film, she replies with, “I’m going for...get money.” Of course she is. Of course she does.

The video didn’t just make me look up pole dancing classes (I now know the closest studio is a seven minutes walk from my apartment), it made me want to dedicate myself to doing something, anything, regardless of whether it involves a pole or not, with as much fervor and tenacity as Jennifer Lopez. And so I bought a yoga mat.

Like most people, I often feel like my life hits restart come January 1. I’m going to become a morning person. I’m going to start meditating. I’m going to start going to the gym and working out from home. But the difference between me, everyone else who has ever made a resolution, and Jennnifer Lopez is that Lopez actually just gets it done. No hesitation. No ego. All hustle.

Watching her push herself to pole dance made me want to push myself to start doing ab exercises before bed. It made me want to wake up in the morning, put on my pair of hoops, and meditate on my intentions for the week (which may or may not involve getting abs like hers). And did I pick a yoga mat that’s just $5 because I might just want to purchase a couple more to cover my living room floor in an attempt to recreate Lopez’s at-home pole dancing studio? Not no.

CAP FItness 3mm Yoga Mat

CAP Fitness 3mm Yoga Mat, Multiple Colors
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