Upside down spinning intense.

By Tamim Alnuweiri
Updated May 25, 2016 @ 12:20 pm
Credit: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Working out is hard, looking good while working out, well that is even harder. So, imagine our surprise and awe when we saw Janel Parrish's workout vid that she shared on her Instagram. The video is of Janel doing an aerial workout routine and she is seriously killing it, we can't even begin to imagine how strong and poised she is.

First of all we can't even begin to imagine the upper body strength required for that routine. Secondly, is Janel secretly an acrobat!? She looks seriously flexible and elegant, which is legitimately hard to do when you're hovering above ground, upside down, AND spinning. Janel is obviously a serious pro and makes it look so easy (it's really not, like at all), we have to wonder how she managed to not get tangled...