Just call it "Perfection Isn't Real 101"

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Aug 18, 2016 @ 6:00 am
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Once upon a time, photo editing was reserved only for the models and celebs gracing glossy magazine covers. Now? Anyone can digitally alter their appearance with a few taps of an app on their cellphone. Selfies aren't really selfies anymore because it's super easy to edit your appearance to make the photo look like anyone else but yourself. Model and body positive champion Iskra Lawrence set out to prove that things aren't always as they seem on social media with side-by-side images of herself—one raw and the other retouched.

RELATED: It's 2016 and Gigi Hadid Still Has to Shut Down Body Shamers "Shocking it only took me about 10 minutes to Photoshop myself to 'perfection.' But WTF is perfect," Lawrence asked on Instagram. Good question, Iskra.

In the edited image, Lawrence slimmed her waist and arms, enhanced her chest, and noticeably smoothed the texture of her skin on her legs.

"I wanted to post the unretouched pic right next to the retouched one so you could see the impact of how a few edits all done on my phone can completely change the way someone looks," writes Lawrence. "I can't leave home everyday retouched and live in the 'real world' airbrushed, so why would I want to pretend to be online?"

Excellent point and food for thought the next time you're thinking about using Facetune on your own image. Love the beautiful person you are now, not the unrealistic "perfect" version you're convinced others want to see.