By InStyle Staff
Updated Apr 07, 2016 @ 10:30 am
Physique 57
Credit: Courtesy Physique 57

Whether you prefer spinning, barre, bootcamp, or CrossFit, anyone who's drank the boutique fitness Kool-Aid knows that the high-energy workouts can be addictive. In case you're overwhelmed with options in pursuit of that sought-after summer bikini body, we asked our resident office gym rats for the classes that are whipping them into shape on the regular.

"I've always felt that post-workout endorphins were a huge myth—that is, until I tried Physique 57. My body feels stronger after 'fatiguing my muscles' through a sequence of thigh movements set to pop music. Lean and toned muscles are the end goal, and the fun choreography keeps me coming back to the barre every time."

Kelley Cintra, International Coordinator

"Ever since I joined Equinox, I've been hitting up their True Barre classes two to three times a week. While it doesn't make me drip in sweat like a cycling or interval-training class, the moves are hard, and I'm working muscles that I didn't even know existed. Each class leaves me feeling elongated and happy, and I'm always sore the next day. After four weeks of taking the classes regularly I can already see a change in my body. I am totally hooked."

Rita Kokshanian, Assistant Editor, Audience Engagement

"I've been dabbling in spinning for a couple of years now, but once I discovered Peloton, I was officially hooked. For the uninitiated, it's a full-body workout set to fist-pumping music (some classes even have a live DJ!) where you compete against other riders in the studio and around the world via livestream (the word 'peloton,' by definition, is 'the main group or pack of riders in a bicycle race'). Plus, it's the only cycling program that offers its bikes for sale (starting at $1,995;, so you can access classes live and on demand from home if you're not in N.Y.C."

Claire Stern, Associate Editor

"I'm obsessed with the Tracy Anderson Method. Her dance-centric workouts demand total concentration, which means I can't be thinking about work (or anything else to distract me) while I'm sweating it up. I've never seen my body change the way it has thanks to her workouts. Plus, I love the community. Great music, great teachers—it's an hour of rejuvenation for the mind, body, and soul."

Kim Peiffer, Managing Editor

"SoulCycle. I know it's old news, but there's a reason it has such a big cult following! Karyn and Parker are my two favorite instructors—they're challenging, but keep it fun and upbeat."

Ali Pew, Senior Style Editor