8 Instagram Stars That Got Real About Bloating and Body Confidence

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever been bloated. That’s just about everyone, right? It’s a common side effect from Thanksgiving dinner, your period, or just, well, life. Point of the matter is that it’s natural, it’s normal, and it’s nothing to feel bad about.

Described by the Mayo Clinic as a "sensation of abdominal fullness," it can be kind of uncomfortable and can also completely, but temporarily, change your body—and these eight Instagram fitness stars are getting real about it.

No matter the cause, these women took to the Internet with body positivity behind them to remind their followers that bloating happens. Keep scrolling to see each and every post below.

Malin, a body positivity role model and fitness enthusiast on Instagram, took to the web to share a picture of herself experiencing water retention from her period. While she addressed it can be uncomfortable, she also made sure to note that it's a totally normal bodily reaction to hormonal flunctuations. "You are perfect and your body is just doing it's job." Agreed.

Celena Diane reached out to her followers on Instagram in May to show them a picture of one of her unfortunately painful "bloating episodes," of which her doctors aren't quite sure of the cause. "I’m not sharing for sympathy, but instead to be real with you all," she wrote. "Sharing a photo like this is never easy because when you’re bloated you feel pretty down on yourself and you’re uncomfortable in your own skin. But I’m sharing this to show that you’re not alone, and that we all have things that we’re battling and that’s normal."

Tiffany Brien
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When Tiffany Brien posted this image to Facebook, it went completely viral. It's with this snap that she explained that her bloat came from a combination of a lack of sleep, stress, and food choices, but most importantly, that it happens and you shouldn't get down on yourself.

Fitness pro Kelsey Wells posted this picture of her bloated belly after her followers asked how she managed to never look bloated. "First, I definitely do get bloated," she confirmed. She continued to say that while she could give tips for how to fight the condition, she wanted her fans to know that she, too, deals with these normal reactions and that is more than OK.

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Personal trainer and Instagram star Anna Victoria got real with a before and after dinner picture. "I wanted to share this to show that bloating happens and it's nothing to be mad at yourself for, more people struggle with bloating than you realize. It's just that we don't normally see that side—so you're not alone!"

In March, Instagram star Steph Elswood revealed two pictures taken 12 hours apart—the left revealed her stomach after bloating. While she said it was caused by indulging in food and cocktails, she also made sure to note that she didn't feel any guilt whatsoever for enjoying herself. "Most importantly—don't compare your night time uncomfortable bloat to someone's morning abs!"

Weightlifter Lauryn Stewart posted two pictures which documented belly bloating. "I'm not gonna lie, I reaaaaally struggled to stay body positive during this cycle," she wrote. "I felt insecure, overweight and extremely anxious and irritable. It can be SO hard to keep in mind that the effects will ware off in a few days time! So, if you're struggling out there, I just want to give ya a little reminder.. You are beautiful."

This fitness lover posted her picture along with a caption that reminded her followers that life isn't always what it seems on Instagram.

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