Halle Berry on the Butt-Sculpting Leggings and MMA Training That Got Her Ready for Her Next Role

We talked to the actress about her new fall activewear collab with Sweaty Betty and how she got in fighting shape for her new movie, Bruised.

Halle Berry On Learning Martial Arts for Her New Movie Bruised and Her New Workout Collection
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It's safe to say that Halle Berry knows a thing or two about what constitutes good activewear. The fitness-obsessed actress has her own wellness platform, rē*spin, and a partnership with the FitOn app, which shares workouts guided by celebrity trainers (including Berry herself).

So it only made sense for rē*spin to collaborate with Sweaty Betty, one of Berry's longtime favorite activewear lines. After their first launch in the spring where items sold out within 24 hours, a new fall drop is out today — and, fair warning, it's going to make you want to up your workout (and athleisure) wardrobe game ASAP.

Halle Berry On Learning Martial Arts for Her New Movie Bruised and Her New Workout Collection

Berry calls the limited-edition, 24-piece collection her "ideal fall wardrobe" — complete with plenty of cozy loungewear, cashmere socks, oversized scarves, as well as high-performance, sweat-wicking items that can hold up to the serious workouts.

Berry's favorite item in the collection: A special-edition reflective version of the brand's famous butt-sculpting Power Leggings (so popular a pair is sold every 60 seconds, they say) that are named "Jinx" after Halle's character in Die Another Day. Berry tells InStyle she's been a fan of the Power Leggings for years — and even wore them to train for her new movie and directorial debut, Bruised, where she plays a mixed martial arts fighter getting back into the ring. (The movie hits Netflix on Nov. 24.)

And the training was about as intense as it gets — so you can rest assured these leggings went through a rigorous sweat test. "I was doing four-to-five hours of training per day, learning six different martial arts disciplines, as well as doing strength and recovery training — which is just as important," Berry tells InStyle. "Mentally it was growthful, too, simply because I was juggling a lot of balls along with my directorial duties," she adds.

Halle Berry On Learning Martial Arts for Her New Movie Bruised and Her New Workout Collection

It was so intense, in fact, that she actually worked with a recovery trainer named Sun Lee. "He always made sure he stretched my muscles to keep them long and lean, and checked my body for injuries," Berry explains. "He gave me minor adjustments when needed, and walked me through mini-rehabilitation exercises when I got injured. Working in water was also key to my recovery process and cryotherapy proved to be a real asset, as well."

At the end of the day, mental recovery and self-care are also key for the busy actress who is juggling a lot of balls: "Meditation has always been key to my process. This means taking time to check in with myself, to have quiet moments spent listening to my higher self. It has always been key that I make time for that."

The Halle Berry x Sweaty Betty limited-edition collection is available to shop now on sweatybetty.com in sizes XXS to XXL, with prices ranging from $14 – $348.

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