According to More Than 12,000 Shoppers, the Secret to a Perkier Butt Costs Just $18

The Secret to a Perkier Butt Costs Just $19, According to More Than 12,000 Shoppers

They say it’s made their glutes “tighter and more defined.”
By Tess Garcia
Apr 10, 2021 @ 11:00 pm
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Many of us are on a journey to achieving the rounded, peach-like booty of our dreams, but not everyone can afford a top-rated squat machine. Thankfully, wearable fitness accessories can yield similarly dramatic results for a fraction of the price.

This three-pack of Gymbee Resistance Bands is one such affordable option, and more than 12,000 customers swear they speed up the butt-sculpting process like no other. Unlike the classic rubber variety, they're made from thick elasticated fabric that won't slip, roll, or snag, and they even come with a handy mesh storage bag.

Resistance bands are a low-impact, joint-friendly way to add some major strength training to any routine. Put simply, when you wrap one around your calves or thighs, it'll make your glutes work even harder during your favorite workouts. The Gymbee bands come with three different resistance options, with black being the strongest, gray as the lightest, and pink falling in between. If you're not sure how to make the most of them, don't sweat it: This set comes with access to a 10-day workout video challenge that effectively incorporates the bands.

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"I have definitely noticed a difference," said a reviewer, who first saw results during her third repetition of the 10-day challenge. "Butt and legs are tighter and more defined."

Other customers are blown away by how sore their legs and glutes become after using the bands. "These are awesome. Easy to use, but be prepared: Your legs will hurt…highly recommend to anyone who wants to make their booty pop," one wrote.

"It literally takes a few minutes to work out with these bands on before you feel your legs and glutes on fire, in the best way possible," added another. "Perfect for beginners and any other fitness level."

You can buy the set of three Gymbee Resistance Bands on Amazon now. Slip one on, stream Megan Thee Stallion's greatest hits, and get to work on that body-ody-ody.