Enough already with the negativity.
Gigi Hadid - July 12, 2016
Credit: Ignat/Bauer-Griffin/GC

You'd think that after walking countless runways, appearing on high profile magazine covers, and landing a slew of major ad campaigns that Gigi Hadid could finally rest easy in terms of body image scrutiny, but the supermodel can't seem to win with the haters lurking about social media.

Once criticized by many for being too curvy for couture, Hadid made it her mission to combat the naysayers with all sorts of body positivity on Instagram and social media. While it did little to quell the body shamers, she did become an uplifting role model for those of us who just want to feel good about ourselves, no matter what our size.

Now Hadid finds herself as a body image target again, but this time for being (wait for it) too skinny. If you've followed her career up to this point you've probably noticed that her frame has changed from that of a more athletic build to a leaner physique. Not better or worse, just different. But apparently people need something to pick at all day every day.

Proof that celebs do read some of those hateful comments spewed across their social media channels, Hadid took the opportunity to respond to one critic, as brought to our attention by Vanity Fair.

We love that Hadid isn't afraid to stand up for herself, we just wish she didn't have to. Let's stop tearing people down and make a conscious effort to build people up. We'll all be happier for it.