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This Alcohol-Free Aperitif Has the Fashion World Buzzing

Designers, celebrity hair stylists, and Instagram girls all sip this hangover-less cocktail.
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If you're a January-only abstainer, the booze-free movement might seem fringe. But the truth is, millennials are opting more and more for lifestyles that eschew alcohol, be it for mental or physical health or simply to free up more time for other pursuits. And, thanks to a new guard of liquor-less spirits, making the switch doesn't have to mean giving up social "drinking" and full flavors.

Ghia, which bills itself as a non-alcoholic aperitif, is proving to be the valedictorian of this new class of beverages. Created by Glossier and Dig Inn alum Melanie Masarin, Ghia is receiving the digitally native treatment the sober movement desperately needed — including high-design packaging and an engaging online experience. The old school's bitters and soda could never.

A blend of botanicals, extracts, and fragrant fruit concentrates, Ghia delivers a silky, rich palette with an energized citrus kick. The brand recommends sipping the aperitif spritzed or on the rocks, or you can try your hand at one of the smartly named virgin cocktails specially designed for the tonic — a ginger drink called "She Bites," say, or the coupe-bound "Dusk in the Garden."

Far from being a buzzkill, Masarin's latest venture is quickly snowballing into a cool-girl brand, amassing new, on-the-scene fans by the minute. Per their Instagram Stories, Susan Korn, the designer behind those campy Susan Alexandra beaded bags all over Instagram, is a Ghia drinker, as are Rosie Assoulin, another color-celebrating fashion designer, and celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin. And, naturally, IG girls like Anna Grey, Juliana Salazar, and Olivia Lopez have also fluttered over the stuff.

The common thread among these women, including Masarin herself, is the palpable joie de vivre they exude: campaign images and social media feeds filled with punchy color palettes, seize-the-day Mediterranean vacations, and style with a wink — the very qualities Ghia sets out to deliver without the help of ABV. The promise is that, with Ghia, candlelight and the Capri coast are just an artful pour away.

Unsurprisingly, even the more "spirited" drinkers are finding their way to Ghia, and the brand is here for it. Pairing well with tequila, mezcal, and even vodka, the alcohol-free aperitif is meant to be enjoyed however the drinker prefers — so long as "enjoy" is the operative word.

Available directly from Ghia's site, the beverage can be purchased in single bottles for $33, packs of two for $65, or packs of six for $170, and shipping is free with a minimum two-bottle order.

Ghia is a non-alcoholic apéritif packed with only pure, natural extracts.
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