5 Fitness Pros on the Holiday Snacks They'll Definitely Splurge on This Season

Vanessa Packer, Founder of modelFIT
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Instead of serving you up another article with healthy swaps for some of your favorite holiday snacks, we're taking this time to remind you to treat yoself. After all, office cookie exchanges don't happen very often, and if your desk-mate makes a mean peanut butter cookie, then dammit, you should have one.

While we know what we're saving space for (eggnog and a handsome gingerbread man), we wanted to know what top fitness pros splurge on during this time of cheer—and lots of food. Warning: You will have food cravings after reading this.

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Sarah Levey, Founder of Y7 Studio

Sarah Levey, Founder of Y7 Studio

"The holidays are always an extra fun time for me (I am a December baby), and being around so many friends and family, I definitely give myself a little wiggle room on festive cocktails—normally I am just a tequila soda girl. I also go crazy for the desserts, specifically cheesecake," says Levy.

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Holly Rilinger, Nike Master Trainer

Holly Rilinger, Nike Master Trainer

"I have a sweet tooth and I will certainly splurge on homemade Christmas cookies! I'm like a kid when it comes to these treats—the more ornate, the more I want them," says Rilinger.

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Jamie Corso, David Barton Gym Personal Trainer

Jamie Corso, David Barton Gym Personal Trainer 

"I will be splurging on my mom's upside-down pineapple cake. We make healthy substitutions like oat flour and coconut oil. I will also be enjoying my family recipe of gingerbread! I work hard all year and stick to my diet, so making exceptions for splurging is so necessary," says Corso.

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Liv Young, Founder of Box + Flow

Liv Young, Founder of Box + Flow

"I like to treat myself everyday! I like to say that boxing. burgers. backbends + beer keep me in balance, but for an extra splurge, I'm a sucker for all things black licorice. The staff at Dylan's Candy Bar probably knows my name," says Liv Young.

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Vanessa Packer, Founder of modelFIT

Vanessa Packer, Founder of modelFIT

"I can't say no to holiday cookies—they're just SO good. But I will say, gluten free ones are even better," says Packer.

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