Truth: Everyone needs stretchy pants sometimes.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Jun 22, 2016 @ 6:00 am
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Credit: Getty Images

I look to fitness bloggers on the reg for inspiration to get my own butt in gear, but sometimes it's just as motivational to learn that, yes, they're real people with real body issues, too.

Take, for example, the supremely fit Tiffany Brien who is currently going viral after posting photos of herself taken just 12 hours apart that show a drastic change in her body. The first pic was taken of the blogger's midsection when she first woke up one morning. The second is later in the day after engaging in what she considers fairly clean eating but caused her stomach to bloat in a way that, if you're like me, you personally know all too well.

"We are not all what we seem on social media," writes Brien. "I thought I would share a bad day with you to show you nobody is 'perfect' and it is ok to have an off day where your body just decides to not play ball. Don't worry girls, it happens to the best of us, all part and parcel of being a female! It is a delightful cocktail of lack of sleep, stress, hormones and food intolerances. A mixture for a whole lotta bloat."

I wouldn't wish bloating on anyone (so uncomfortable), but it is nice to know that my own body isn't some total medical mystery that's the only one to puff up in outrageous ways, even after eating what I consider to be healthy.

Kudos to Brien for getting completely candid about her own body issues. Proof that sometimes even when you try to do all of the "right" things for yourself, your body doesn't always want to cooperate.