The skin-friendly, medical-grade masks are some of the most protective on the market.
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Ariana Grande Evolve Together Masks
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Compared to say, handbags, mouth- and nose-covering face masks have been a fashion commodity for virtually no time at all. Obviously, their primary purpose for slowing the spread of coronavirus comes first, but like any wearable item, masks have become an outlet for expressing one’s personal sense of style.

So while it makes sense that hundreds of celebrities would, over time, have come into possession of the same hot handbag, the fact that more A-listers than we can count are already wearing this one mask is even more notable. In under six months, a single mask brand has become as popular among famous people as it took a Birkin to become over decades.

Evolvetogether is an absolute newcomer on the scene, only making masks since the dawn of COVID, but it’s become a celebrity favorite at lightning speed. Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Heidi Klum, Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Ratajkowski, Cara Delevingne, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Kaia Gerber are some of those who’ve been seen wearing Evolvetogether’s instantly recognizable masks. And that’s not even a complete list — it’s not even close.

While fabric masks have become the norm for civilians in this “new normal,” Evolvetogether masks are different in that they are medical-grade. One of the only FDA-approved masks available on the open market, the masks are what’s called type IIR. This means they keep out over 98 percent of bacteria, 95 percent of particles, have super high breathability, and maintain advanced microbial cleanliness, according to the brand.

Still, despite their unmatched protection, Evolvetogether masks are easily more wearable and stylish than your average teal hospital mask. Available in black, white, and green options, the pleated, bendable nose-bridge masks feature small contrast text stating the brand name and coordinates representing a “subtle nod to the idea that we’re all connected regardless of gender, race, religion, or geographical location,” according to the site. The branding makes the masks look more like a cool, minimal sweats brand, like Pangaia, or a high-end designer like Martin Margiela.

The masks retail for slightly more than a dollar a piece, and are available in sets of seven or 30. Evolvetogether also includes “mask keepers,” or sleeves to store your masks in while on the go to extend their life, with each purchase, and also sells them in limited-edition prints.

Shop the protective, skin-friendly face masks celebs are wearing in droves for just a dollar each.

Evolve Face Masks
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Evolve Face Masks
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Evolve Face Masks
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