By InStyle Staff
Updated Apr 17, 2016 @ 3:30 pm
Back view of woman stretching in bed
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If you’re reading this lying in bed, it’s not too late to get a workout in. Yes, even if you’ve hit snooze one too many times this morning and haven’t left enough time to squeeze in a trip to the gym before work, brunch, or the rest of your day’s plans, you can still work on your fitness in the comfort of your room.

We know what you’re thinking: this sounds way too good to be true, but there are a few simple exercises you can do while still in your pajamas that will help you feel energized for the day ahead when you eventually decide to roll out of bed. Lauren Duhamel, trainer at modelFIT in N.Y.C. walked us through three moves you can do quickly in the morning.

1. Pulse Ups

This exercise reaches the lower abdominals to sculpt them.

Lay on your back with your legs straight up and with a slight bend so your body is almost forming a 90 degree angle, Then, pulse the hips up. (Do for 15 counts.)

After the pulses, you can keep going with the abs in this direction. Keep the feet up, then reach hand up to opposite foot with a slight lift off your back, alternating sides. (Do for 15 counts.)

2. Back Lifts

If you’re looking to sculpt and strengthen your glutes, this move is for you. “Weak glutes, sometimes caused by sitting all day (think: someone who is behind a desk and super busy), can cause your pelvis to tip forward which puts stress on the lower spine,” explains Duhamel. “So overall you are improving back strength while sculpting your booty!”

Laying on your back, bend your knees with your feet hip distance apart. Lift the hips up high to engage the glutes, then lower back down. (Do for 15 counts.)

Do the same thing with the right leg raised, then with the left. (Do 15 counts for each leg.)

3. Hands and Knees

This exercise works the entire core and improves overall balance and stability. “I also use this exercise to connect my mind and body by using my breath,” says Duhamel.

Get on your hands and knees. Extend opposite arms and legs (For example, if you extend your right arm, extend your left leg). From here, bring the elbow in to meet the opposite knee. Return to this position with flat back and repeat. (Do for 15 counts.)

From this position, you can bring both hands down to the bed and do some booty sculpting. Bend the right knee, point the toe and pulse up (only a few inches), then switch sides. These pulses can also be done with a straight leg and flexed foot. (Do for 15 counts.)