I Tried the CBD Brand Jane Fonda Swears By and Now I Sleep Like a Baby

This product is a forever must-have in my overnight bag.

Jane Fonda CBD
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I've always been a little skeptical when it comes to CBD. I've tried all the creams and tinctures and powders, but if I'm being honest, I usually don't notice a huge effect compared to the real stuff with THC.

But, when I heard that Jane Fonda, Gen Z's newly discovered activist icon, swears by dosist's Sleep formulas, I decided to give their THC-free "Sleep" Dose Drops a try.

Fonda, who happens to also be a brand ambassador for CBD brand Uncle Bud's, has raved about dosist's Sleep CBD vape pen in multiple interviews. She told SELF that "it doesn't get you high, but it's four puffs and I'm asleep," adding that it helped her to break up with sleeping pills and have less of that "hungover" feeling the next day.

While I personally couldn't relate to the feeling of being hungover from sleeping pills, I could certainly relate to the feeling of actual hangovers, which I had been experiencing more during the pandemic after relying on a glass (or two or three) to unwind before bed. Sure, it helped me to feel sleepy, it was also causing a reduction in my REM sleep — so it was no surprise that I started to experience an uptick in insomnia symptoms and general sleepiness the next day.

After a week of using the dosist drops — which combines sleep-promoting CBD and CBN cannabinoids into a high-concentration formula — I was sold. Not only has it helped combat insomnia, but I also wake up feeling energized, not groggy. So, while I still love my wine, I no longer feel like I need it as part of my wind-down routine, which feels like huge progress. It's even become a must in my bag on overnight trips. Basically, my sleep has been transformed — and it's all thanks to Jane Fonda.

Now if only I can kick my doom-scrolling habit before bed, I'll be all set.

To buy: $39; dosistthcfree.com

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