It's my new secret weapon for combatting sweltering New York City summers.

May 21, 2021 @ 3:30 pm
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THIS MIGHT HELP: Casper Cooling Duvet
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When I switched to a Casper mattress a few years ago, I wouldn't stop talking about how much I loved it to pretty much anyone who would listen, whether they were in the market for a new mattress or not. So when I heard the brand was launching a new line of innovative cooling products, right as New York City summer was starting to heat up (literally and figuratively) I was eager to see if they would also be game-changers for my sleep.

According to the brand, the Cooling Collection — which includes mattresses, mattress covers, sheets, and duvet covers — was created in response to growing customer demand and new research from Casper Labs that showed nearly half (48.9%) of Americans get hot or overheat throughout the night while sleeping. As you've probably read in any article offering sleep advice, your body temperature naturally drops to prepare for sleep, so helping the body lower its core temperature will help you fall asleep faster. Besides turning up the AC in your bedroom, another way sleep experts say to do that is to pick a breathable mattress and bedding that won't trap heat.

So, I was eager to make the swap to see if it would actually translate to falling asleep faster and sleeping through the night without waking up in a sweat to throw a leg out and over my duvet.

THIS MIGHT HELP: Casper Cooling Duvet
Credit: Courtesy

Still, when the day came to retire my fluffy down-filled comforter I was worried I'd miss it. Casper's Lightweight Humidity Fighting Duvet was definitely thinner, made from down fill with an added layer of merino wool to wick away moisture. After a few nights though, I became a full convert: I felt cozy but not weighed down and didn't wake up sweaty once in the middle of the night to throw the covers off. Basically: I felt warm, yet also somehow cool at the same time, like I had found my perfect happy medium (there's probably a Goldilocks metaphor in here somewhere). As an added bonus: the sewn-in chambers keep the down in place so you don't end up with any lumpy sections.

Bottom line: If you consider yourself a hot sleeper, or have trouble falling asleep, this cool blanket might help. I only wish it had entered my life sooner.

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