Anna Victoria - LEAD
Credit: annavictoria/Instagram

If you follow fitness star Anna Victoria on Instagram, you know she’s an body positivity activist, regularly speaking out about the importance of loving every angle of yourself and not allowing the unrealistic expectations we often see on the Internet get you down. But after a 16-year-old fan told her that photos online have started to make her question her own relationship with her body, Anna Victoria is back with yet another powerful and inspirational message. The chat encouraged her to post a makeup-free "casual, non-posing, non-done up photo” along with a caption that talks about the negative impact social media is having on body image—and of course, how she’s taking on the challenge of putting an end to it.

"I'm not sharing this because I think I look bad, or because tummy rolls are bad, or because cellulite, messy hair or no makeup is bad. None of those things are bad or imperfect. They are NORMAL. - I'm sharing this because I just received an email from a 16 year old girl that said I am the only person she follows that actually made her feel good about herself,” Anna Victoria wrote in her caption.

"That even though she's not particularly unhappy with her body, that seeing endless perfect photos started to make herself compare, poke and prod at her own body. The impact social media has on young girls and their self-esteem is an issue I feel very strongly about and if me posting one casual, non-posing, non-done up photo can help a young girl (or man, or anyone of any age!) feel better about themselves, then I'm happy to put myself out there.”

She's touched on this topic before, sharing photos of what her own body looks like when she's bloated and snaps of not only the healthy foods she eats, but the treats she indulges in, too.

She continued in her post by asking fans to keep in mind those that might resonate with this issue before thoughtlessly going to town with negative, hurtful comments about how they don’t “get it.”

But perhaps one of the most important parts of her message was the reminder to ditch self-shame for good and to be proud of who you are as a human, regardless of how you feel about your outer appearance.

"So when we live in a society that profits from your insecurities, be a rebel and LOVE yourself. Love your body at every angle and don't ever be ashamed of being human, of struggling, or hey, even of loving the crap out of yourself!! We need more girls who are wildly confident and loving every bit of themselves and shouting it from the rooftops. Show young girls it's not only okay but necessary to be confident, strong young women, ‘flaws' and all."