Not cool, guys.

By Kelly Bryant
Updated May 10, 2016 @ 10:15 am
Blame Society For Your Lack of Sleep
Credit: Getty Images

There are a ton of sleep studies out there, and at their core, each one is telling us the same thing: We’re not getting enough zzz’s. But new research finds that we might be able to thank societal pressures for our crumby sleep.

As it turns out, the study, which collected sleep data from over 8,000 folks in 100 different countries who use a smartphone app that assists travelers in adjusting to a new time zone, found that our get-to-bed times are more under control of society, while the time we wake up in the morning has more to do with our biological clock. And here we thought our Netflix bingeathons were the only thing to blame.

Researchers also learned that people in Singapore and Japan get the least amount of sleep globally, whereas as those slumbering in the Netherlands got the most (and now we know where to book our next vacay). Sleep schedules also became more similar among peers as the participants got older, but the study chalked that up to the idea that older people have a smaller time range during which they can fall (and effectively stay) asleep.

So there goes the idea that we at the very least have control over our body’s own circadian clock, but it’s further proof that we need to fight the good fight and get more sleep. We’ll take a naptime at noon, please.