From birth control refills to snack deliveries, here's how to simplify that time of the month.

Period Subscription
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Every month — same ol’ thing. Start period. Realize you have three tampons left. Run to the store. Pick up another box of tampons for an ungodly amount of unforeseen money that you certainly did not budget for even though you tell yourself you will every single time. (Next time you see a sale you’ll buy double, you tell yourself.) Then you use your tampons, throw out at least two because the applicator malfunctioned or the wrapper ripped in your bag. Repeat.

Now, imagine a world in which you never run out of tampons, pads, or birth control (that contrary to what certain men think, people use not only to not have babies but also to help with irregularity, cramps, skin concerns, and other issues). A world where you don’t need to leave your home the second you start bleeding (because, really, is there a more unfortunate time?) to run to your drugstore as you maneuver with wadded up toilet paper in your pants to once again buy a full-priced box. In this world, a box shows up at your door and the furthest you have to walk is there from your couch. The box has snacks, too. And the subscription manages your birth control prescription.

Imagine no longer. With subscription boxes for everything from tampons and pads to birth control, the morning after pill, and condoms, the world, at least the part of it that helps you deal with your reproductive health, just got a lot brighter. Keep reading to find a plan that might work for you.


Reproductive care for women by women, Lola offers tampons, liners, pads, cramp care, and more. The best part? Well, there are two. One: You get to customize your boxes to suit you. (No more 8 supers and 14 regulars in a box when you need the opposite! Can I get an amen!) And two: Their tampons are made of 100 percent organic cotton. You can customize your delivery frequency, and shipping is free. (They also feature condoms and lubricant, FYI.)


Kali is an all-organic feminine hygiene company that will deliver monthly boxes straight to your door with anything you need — tampons, pads, wipes, whatever. You get to design your box, the frequency of delivery, and change your box setup at any time. Oh, did we mention Kali has partnered with I Support the Girls to donate sanitary products to homeless shelters throughout the U.S.? Yeah.

Kali Boxes start at $16.


Cora brings together the ease of getting tampons, pads, and period products shipped directly to your door with the goodness of knowing you’re bettering the world — for every month’s supply you purchase, a month’s supply is given to a girl in need. For $45 (or $15/month), you’ll get a 3-month supply of products that you can customize based on your needs. A great thing to note is that they have the option of electing for period pads or hybrid pads that can be used for both period and bladder issues — especially good for new moms or those with incontinence issues.

Cora is $45 for a 3-month supply.


Launched by Hims, the women’s wellness brand and telemedicine company Hers can prescribe and deliver the pill right to your door — and it operates without insurance. For $30 a month ($10 for the first month), you can get the generic pill that’s right for you — a physician will help you choose which if you don’t know already — and boom. It’s at your doorstep, waiting to keep you safe and also make sure your periods arrive like clockwork.

Hers is $30 a month, $10 for the first month (no insurance needed) and can be prescribed through the website for many states.

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The Pill Club

The Pill Club works with your insurance (or lack thereof!) to get your birth control pills delivered right to your door, along with a sweet treat (like cookies or chocolate) and other cute goodies (like beauty samples, stickers and stationery) to take your mind off your period for 5 seconds. They have more than 100 brands of birth control, including the ring and the patch. They also offer emergency contraception. Free shipping. Ask them questions, their pharmacy team will answer — via phone or text.

The Pill Club depends on insurance and product, but can be $0 with insurance. Depending on the state, it can prescribe through the website.


Nurx is like your sexual health fairy godmother. Not only can they write you a prescription and automate your birth control, but they can also get you all set with a prescription for PrEP (a once monthly pill that lowers your risk for HIV), an at-home HPV screening kit, emergency contraception, and more — all through the website. (If you do need emergency contraception right away, their team will call it in to your local pharmacy, and all you have to do is pick it up.)

It’s generally $0 if you’re on insurance, and starts at $15 a month for birth control pills, for those who don’t have insurance, and the pill can be prescribed through the website in most states.