These Are the 13 Best Multivitamins For Women Over 40

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Best Multivitamins for Women Over 40

Taking vitamins is one of those things that many of us have on our list of eventual health to-dos .... but never follow through. After all, popping five different vitamins or supplements every morning or night can feel like a daunting and time-consuming task, especially for those who are pill-averse.

That's where multivitamins come in. To make the whole process easier, they have all the nutrients you're missing in just one pill (or delicious gummy). While your diet should be your primary source of essential vitamins and minerals, Molly Kimball, registered dietitian and host of the podcast "Fueled," recommends a multivitamin to supplement the nutrients you get from your food. If you have a restricted or limited diet, adding a multivitamin could be especially beneficial to ensure you're receiving all the necessary nutrients, she says.

"My recommendation is to look for a multivitamin that contains a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals; some may also have additional herbs or antioxidant-rich phytonutrients," she tells InStyle.

And while multivitamins can be beneficial to women of all ages, Kimball especially recommends them to women over 40 because as we age, our bodies can become less efficient in absorbing particular vitamins.

"Certain micronutrients are essential for our bodies to function properly," she says. "Chromium, for example, influences our insulin response and carbohydrate metabolism. Vitamin B12 is involved in DNA production and healthy red blood cells, as well as our energy, focus, and mood. As we get older, though, we don't absorb B12 as efficiently, and can benefit from supplementation."

So to make it even easier for you, we've rounded up the 13 best multivitamins for women over 40, according to thousands of customer reviews. (Just be sure to consult your doctor first.)

GNC Women's Ultra Mega Multivitamin

GNC women's ultra mega multivitamin dietary supplement

These highly-rated vitamins are one of Kimball's favorites. These vitamins contain choline, GABA, and Inositol to support brain health and function, as well as biotin for healthy hair, skin, and nails. "Love these vitamins can tell a huge difference in how I feel," one customer raved.

Garden of Life Mykind Organics Women 40+ Gummy Vitamins

Garden of Life women's multi 40+ vitamin chews

Another one of Kimball's go-to brands, these Garden of Life organic whole food gummies contain organic Black Cohosh, organic Pacran whole food cranberry, and 800IU Vegan D3 vitamin to support women's health. And they have over 4,000 reviews with a 4.6-star rating.

"Love these vitamins," one customer raved. "I started taking them after I gave birth to my son. My hair was falling out like crazy, my nails were weak, I had no energy, no appetite, and I looked very weak and pale. After taking these, I noticed a difference right away. My hair stopped falling out, my nails are stronger, I regained my energy, my appetite came back, and I look and feel much healthier now. They taste great too."

MegaFood Women Over 40 One Daily

MegaFood women over 40 one daily multivitamins and mineral dietary supplement

These MegaFood multivitamins contain vitamins A, C, D3, and E, and have an impressive 4.8-star-rating, with one customer claiming, "This is the one vitamin I consistently take regardless of other supplements that come and go in my regimen. I truly feel the improvement in my overall health and energy."

New Chapter Women's Multivitamin + Immune Support

New Chapter 40+ every woman's one daily whole food multivitamin

These 4.7-star rated vitamins contain superfoods like ginger, turmeric, and fenugreek and have garnered over 4,000 reviews on Amazon. "These vitamins have contributed to my enhanced energy level, mood, motivation, clear skin, fuller hair, and all-around great health," one customer praised.

Centrum Multivitamin for Women

Centrum bottle of multivitamins for women

This fan-favorite multivitamin has a 4.8-star rating and over 12,000 reviews on Amazon. While they're not explicitly indicated for women over 40, these tablets can be beneficial for any adult woman (again, please consult your doctor first).

"I've been using Centrum for years, and have tried several of their other formulations, but keep coming back to this one," said one customer. "My personal experience has been that I feel better when I take them. Since I've been steadily getting older, and it's unlikely that I'm getting healthier, I attribute the difference to the vitamins."

Ancient Multi Women's 40+ Multi Vitamin

Ancient Multi women's 40+ multivitamins and minerals

These 4.7-star rated tablets contain over 20 vitamins and minerals formulated for women over 40. An added bonus? "No bad taste and doesn't give me an upset stomach when I take them. I've tried so many vitamins," said an Amazon reviewer.

Amazon Elements Women's 40+ One Daily Multivitamin

Amazon Elements bottle of women's 40+ multivitamins

Formulated by Amazon's Amazon Elements, these highly-rated multivitamins contain 21 vitamins and minerals and a botanical blend specifically created for women. One reviewer wrote, "I have taken them daily for the past 2 months. I love that it's just 1 pill daily and I've noticed more energy, [fewer] night sweats, and overall feel better!"

Ritual Essential for Women 50+

Ritual Essential multivitamins for women 50+

The internet's favorite supplement and vitamin subscription company has formulated the perfect multivitamin for women over 40 containing vitamins D, E, K, Magnesium, and more. "I'm on my 2nd month of ritual vitamins and love them!" raved a customer. "It has pared down all the supplements I used to take and I feel great!"

Vimerson Health Women's Daily Multivitamin Supplement

Bottle of Vimerson Health women's multivitamins

These non-GMO, gluten, dairy, and soy-free vitamins support immune and digestive, as well as heart health and blood circulation. They're not specifically targeted to women over 40, but they are made with safe and gentle ingredients without hormones or preservatives. One reviewer wrote, "These vitamins have almost everything I could ask for in a multivitamin."

Nature's Way Alive! Once Daily Women's 50+

Nature's Way Alive ultra potency complete multivitamins for women

These Nature's Way Alive vitamins contain high potency B-Vitamins and have a whopping 11,000-plus reviews on Amazon with a 4.7-star rating. The Women's 50+ supplements have received high praise with one reviewer writing, "I was very surprised when after my first one of these, I felt a MAJOR difference in my energy level. My anxiety has decreased substantially."

Pure Encapsulations Women's Nutrients Hypoallergenic Multivitamin/Mineral Complex for Women Over 40

Pure Encapsulations women's nutrients dietary supplement

These supplements were formulated to support breast cell health, eye integrity, urinary tract health, and emotional health, specifically for women over the age of 40. "I have been taking only one tablet daily (instead of 3 recommended) for the last two weeks, and I noticed a definite increase in energy and well being," said one fan.

Emerald Women's 45+ One-Daily

Emerald women's 45+ one daily multivitamins

These "Amazon's Choice" vitamins contain Methylated Folate, Setria L-Glutathione, Broccoli, and CoQ10 to produce energy, manage weight, and strengthen the immune system. "I love that I only need to take one a day, they aren't ridiculously expensive and they're whole food vitamins with methylated folate," one reviewer wrote.

One A Day Women 50+ Multivitamins Gummies

One A Day advanced multivitamin with brain support for 45+ women gummies

These gummies support brain function with a Super 8 B Vitamin complex and also contain vitamins A, C, and E. "These get me the nutrients I am missing in my daily diet," said one buyer.

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