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Anyone who knows me knows my love for working out. It fuels my body, mind, and soul. If I don’t make it to the gym, I am not a happy person. But typically I know exactly what I like and don’t like when it comes to a sweat session, so experimenting for me is something I hesitate with. Traditionally I am a huge fan of SLT, hot yoga flow, running, and high-intensity interval training. So when I got a note that Bari, a boutique fitness studio in my neighborhood was launching a 6-week summer prep program, it piqued my interest until I read further—that the basis of the class is jumping on trampolines. Hesitation ensued.

Did I really want to give up my tried-and-true workout jam and sub in a trampoline-based workout for a month and a half? Risky. So outside my comfort zone, I panicked at the mere thought of it.

But something wouldn’t let me let go of the idea. So I signed up. Below, how I came to fall in love with the workout, and why I’ve still continued to go, well beyond 6 weeks later.

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Week 1: It’s April 17th. It’s day one of Bari Peel. I’ve been to the studio a handful of times at this point but had yet to really be Bari-fied. For the next six weeks leading up to Memorial Day, I vow to give up my regular workout routine, stop running (gasp!) and dive in head over heels to my new workout wife named Bari. And go.

From here until Memorial Day, I will take 5-6 classes per week minimum of one of Bari’s four signature offerings: bounce, dance, tone, and hybrid (a combo of all three of the class offerings).

In addition to the workout itself, the program also includes a weekly nutrition prescription, the choice of a virtual detox recipe book or a discount price on one of my favorite meal delivery programs of all time, Sakara, and access to MNDFL mediation studio’s portable meditation platform. You also get access to the online program where you can download the recipes, log your workouts, and track your progress along the way.

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My first class is the classic bounce class, a 55-minute session done on mini trampoline. Now, let’s keep in mind that pre-Bari I have trained for a marathon and have done boot camps galore, so the idea of jumping on a mini-trampoline seemed like a breeze. Then I took a bounce class and realized I have been working out under my maximum capacity my entire life. I take a look down at my heart-rate monitor and it’s spiking through the roof. I immediately start to question the hour-long runs I’m dragging myself through 4 times a week. It’s also a BLAST, unlike running. An hour jumping on a trampoline is somehow insanely hard, yet insanely fun. An immediate attraction to the program ensues.

Week 2: I’m already on a Bari high, and this week I’m experimenting with additional class offerings. Clearly bounce is my jam, so now I’m diving into micro, a total body conditioning class using various props like skimmers, 3-5 pound weights, bands, and the barre. Consensus: It’s also hard AF. The trainers (who are all total babes and so inspiring, BTW) somehow breeze through it like it's NBD, yet my body is on fire.

Week 3: I am hustling through the classes and never once do I hesitate about getting up in the morning and going to class. I’m a full-on Bari addict at this point. In fact, I have two work trips this week and am so sad about missing nearly a week of class that I contemplate canceling my trip to Rome….well almost.

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Week 4: I’m back and cannot wait to get back to class. I get off the plane from my 10-hour flight at 3 pm and by 6 pm I’m back on the trampoline. Yes that really happened. By now I’ve also discovered my favorite of all the workout offerings: hybrid—a combo of sensory dance cardio, trampoline cardio and muscle-sculpting sequences in one. I’m in love.

Week 5: Did I mention I’ve noticed serious changes in my body? Because I have. I’m not sure if it’s because I am working insanely hard and peeling off those extra layers from the aforementioned spiking heart rate, or if it's because I am having so much fun that I don’t notice, but I don’t even care. I feel lighter, more toned, and happy. I run into an ex on the street this week, and get a text from him an hour later claiming “you look really good, and really happy.” Sweet justice.

Week 6: I’m experiencing a serious FOMO situation now that the end of Bari Peel is near. I don’t want it to end. I turn to MNDFL meditation for some guidance. Then I realize—oh wait, I don’t HAVE to end this relationship! Bonus. I finish out Bari Peel like a champ, and reflect back on the fact that I haven’t gone running in six weeks, yet I feel stronger, lighter, and less pain in my body than I have in years. After all, trampolines are low impact on the body (but definitely not on the calorie burn).

Bottom line: Bari Peel taught this workout obsessee what it’s like to really master a workout. It’s been over a month since Bari Peel ended. And have a missed a week since then? Not a chance. You’ll find me back on the tramp at 6 am tomorrow.

Bari has studio locations in New York City, New Jersey, and the Dominican Republic. For more information on Bari, visit