The latest rankings have been released.
Are You Living in One of America’s Fittest Cities?
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Each year the American College of Sports Medicine and the Anthem foundation release a ranking of the fittest (and not-so fittest) cities in the United States. The list is based on the American Fitness Index and (spoiler alert) we have a three-time champ in the number one spot.

Washington, D.C. was once again came in at numero uno as the fittest city in the country, with Minneapolis-St. Paul hot on its heels in the number two position, and Denver at number three.

Access to outdoor spaces that promote running, hiking, and other such exercise in cities is key to getting its inhabitants moving, not to mention the walking to and from public transpo like catching a bus or train for a daily commute which also contributes to more physical activity.

So what consistently sends D.C. over the top in terms of being the fittest city in the nation? They have the least number of smokers.

If you’re curious as to where your city falls in terms of fitness, click here for the official slate on the American Fitness Index website. You might be surprised as to where your hometown falls (it lists 50 metropolitan cities). As a Los Angeles resident, I was kind of shocked that we didn’t rank higher than 29 considering how health-obsessed this city is. But there are a slew of factors that contribute to the list and the good news is that as a whole our country is moving more than ever before. And that makes us all winners.