This App Will Reportedly Tell You the Calories in Your Food Pics

Taking Photo of Food - Lead 2016
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Everyone loves a good food picture. That is what Instagram and brunch are for, right? Well, according to a new press release, a new startup called AVA is working on making our basic #foodie pictures more nutritional. The company is reportedly using a combination of artificial intelligence and algorithms to bring caloric and health information to your food pics. This is how it'll apparently work. According to an article on the app by Digital Trends, you'll text AVA a picture of your food, and they'll get back to you with calories and other information.

While we are excited at the prospect of this app making it easier to achieve our #fitspo goals, we do have to wonder how much information they'll be able to get from the pictures? For example, like how much butter or syrup might be under our pancakes or how much salt was added onto a sandwich? Will these types of things be taken into consideration? Will the user have to manually enter them into a system? We'll have to wait and see.

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