Because, seriously, enough already.
Amy Schumer Has the Best Response to Body Shamers
Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

If it feels like every day you’re reading about another celebrity taking a stance against internet trolls who take joy in spreading body negativity, you’re not imagining things. These famous women are calling out haters because it’s about damn time they knock it off and keep their opinions about their appearance to themselves.

[READ: Watch Ballerinas Pull Off an Insane Jason Derulo Routine] Amy Schumer is the latest A-lister to take to social media in an effort to knock body shamers down a peg, but of course she does it in her own fabulous Amy Schumer way.

Schumer posted this photo of herself in a bathing suit, hanging out in the surf as one does on vacation. Because any picture posted on social media seems ripe for tearing apart in the eyes of haters, she made sure to include a little note for them. This is a woman who is confident in her own skin and with the way she looks—if only all of us could say the same.

So just to reiterate, the actress is happy, healthy, and has no time for negativity. The end.