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There was a time when there was nothing chic about taking supplements. Now, thanks to Elle Macpherson and Aerin Lauder, you’ll want to show off what you’re using rather than reserving a cupboard shelf for your bottles of vitamins and supplements.

The duo have teamed up to give WelleCo’s Super Elixir—the hero product from Macpherson’s wellness company she co-founded with her nutritionist Dr. Simone Laubscher—a luxe makeover. Macpherson and Lauder connected for the first time on Instagram. Lauder says she’s always loved the idea of connecting through women and through the telephone and this is the modern version. During their first contact, Macpherson said, “I have this crazy idea. Would you ever want to design the caddy for the Super Elixir?”

Macpherson told us her health has vastly improved since taking it, “My skin has what my doctor calls the alkaline glow—it’s more moisturized, hydrated and more plump. My blood sugar levels have been balanced. Before I started taking this, I was feeling tired and run down. I was putting on weight. My skin was dry. My hair was brittle. My nails were chipping. I just felt like my beauty program, my regime, whatever I was doing, what had worked for me for so long wasn’t working anymore.” After resigning herself to the fact that this is what 50 might just be like, she started the powder supplement’s blend of 45 natural ingredients including super greens and Chinese herbs. It works to optimize the body’s 11 systems to increase vitality and aid digestion, amongst a list of other benefits. Since all you have to do is mix two teaspoons of the elixir into a smoothie or water every day to experience results, consider it the effortless way to lead a healthier routine.

“I was diligent about it and I saw the changes and then I realized that there’s this concept of beauty from the inside out. I was thinking about collaborating with Aerin because I really admired her for a long time and felt we had a lot of things in common. I just felt that between the two of us with her heritage, her perspective, her homewares, her interest in beauty, it was going to be the perfect match for this product.”

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Housed in an ornate gold ceramic caddy, the Aerin x Super Elixir ($250; netaporter.com) would make a lovely holiday gift to help someone on your list kick off the New Year with a healthy start, or a treat for yourself that would be a great addition to your kitchen counter.