By Kim Peiffer
Updated Aug 17, 2017 @ 4:15 pm
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Summer may be winding down in a few weeks (tear) but that doesn’t mean your workout routine has to suffer. Keeping the motivation come Fall is achievable with the right mindset. Brianna Johnson, Pilates Instructor at the award-winning spa and fitness center at the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago, shares her expert tips on how to fuel your workout well into 2018.

1. Accountability.

During the summer it's easier to go for a run outside or walk everywhere you go instantly moving more than you typically would during the colder months. Paying for a package of classes at a gym or setting up training sessions with a professional helps keep you accountable. It gets you to stay active and hit the gym on those days leaving the comfort of your couch may be a little harder.

2. Cooler weather = a harder workout.

Getting a good sweat in the summer is pretty easy on those 80 and 90 degree days. In the cooler months, you can step up the workout by making it a little longer. Or if workout time is a luxury, try and push a little harder to still get that good sweat in and avoid plateauing in your workout.

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3. Choose hearty, healthy food.

Just because it's football season doesn't mean you slip into more beer, chili, and snacks in your life. There are still amazing seasonal fruits and vegetables available to keep your diet in check. Up your citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit to give you lots of vitamins C and antioxidants that will lighten heavier fall plates. Enjoy lots of winter greens like spinach, kale, and rapini which are full of vitamin A and C, iron and potassium which can help give you energy for workouts. Then instead of adding more salt, try bringing flavor into dishes with garlic or fresh horseradish for a little kick.

4. Wear properly fitted clothes.

In a world where activewear is as nice as the rest of the clothes in your closet, it's easy to go the whole day in some stretchy leggings under a nice big fall sweater. In the summer you're often thinking about swimsuit season, your legs in shorts, or your arms in a summer top. Keep yourself and any additional weight gain in check by avoiding the stretchy ANYTHING! Wearing properly fitted clothes is a better indicator than any scale on how you're doing keeping up on your exercise goals.

5. Be safe about your workouts.

Be sure in the cooler months to be warming up properly before your workout and stretching after every workout to avoid muscle injury. That's the beauty of practices like Pilates that incorporate core and back strengthening along with great stretches to keep your muscles healthy and moving well. There's nothing worse than getting an injury from working out that could set your goals back for weeks if not months.