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Daily meditation was on my New Year’s Resolution list, right there next to keeping my room clean for more than a day and only buying organic dairy. I’ve managed to keep my clothes on actual hangers up until, like, Wednesday, and my fridge has been stocked with hormone-free whole milk pretty much the entire year. But the meditation thing? It’s been rough. I try to incorporate it into my schedule at least once a week, but life gets in the way, and I know I have to make decisions about priorities (right now I just want to watch reruns of Parks and Rec), but I don’t have a lot of time.

Thirty minutes of meditating is absolutely not going to happen, and sometimes ten minutes even feels like a luxury I don’t have. Five minutes, though? Totally doable, and there’s an app for that.

Simple Habit is a meditation app that specializes in 5-minute sessions across a variety of topic from vetted meditation teachers, which I think sets it apart because you know where that practice is coming from and why the person should even be giving you advice in meditation at all. Some of the topics include stress relief (yes, please), getting better sleep (needed yesterday), and PMS (definitely a must in the coming weeks), but there are hundreds more.

The app is free to download, but to get all the practices, it costs about $9 a month, which is about the same as your Spotify bill. And if you’re committed to making this an everyday habit, I don’t think that’s too unreasonably priced. And if you graduate from five minutes at a time, you can amp it up to their 10 and 20 minute offerings.

The thing I’m most excited to try is the meditations made for when you’re at work—because I’ve yet to figure out a way to close my eyes at my desk and it not look weird.

While I've just started my personal challenge of meditating for a week, I can tell you that I already feel less stressed and guilty about my daily time constraints. Five minutes is clearly more than enough.