The Best Free 15-Minute Workouts On the Internet

From HIIT circuits to yoga flows, there's a quick workout to match your mood. 

15 Minute Home Workouts
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As the closing of gyms worldwide has confirmed, the most convenient — and realistic — workouts are those done from your own living room, minimal equipment required. But for those who don't have the time (or desire, if we're being honest) for an hour-long sweat session, it doesn't mean that getting in a good workout is off the table.

Enter: the 15-minute workout. It’s short, sweet, and just long enough to help you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day. (Or get back to your book and cocktail — you do you.) And hey, quick sessions add up. When better health is the goal, what matters most is moving your body consistently — not being perfect.

Here, the best 15-minute workouts — from high intensity circuits to active recovery flows — available for free from top trainers.

High Intensity Intervals: Jeanette Jenkins’ HIIT Circuit

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is meant to be short and tough, so it’s well-suited to a 15-minute time limit. Here, celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins demonstrates seven full-body moves that can be strung together to create a circuit. To keep your workout to 15 minutes, perform each of the 7 exercises for 30 seconds. Rest for 1 minute between circuits, and repeat the whole thing a total of three times.

Upper Body Strength: Jen Widerstrom’s Upper Body Band Workout

Combat tech-neck with this upper body strength workout from Jen Widerstrom, celebrity trainer and Shape magazine's fitness director. In terms of equipment, you’ll just need a long, light resistance band. There are only three exercises in the circuit: a band pull-apart, a front raise/rear deltoid exercise (which will work the muscles at the top of your arms and shoulders), and an overhead press. Rest 2 minutes between circuits, and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.

Lower Body Strength: QiQi H.’s Leg Day

If you have a dumbbell handy and are looking for a lower-body burn, this workout from trainer and influencer QiQi H. is no joke. It offers a great balance between quad and glute work for a well-rounded strength session. Complete 3 sets of each exercise before moving onto the next one, resting as needed in between.

Yoga: Alo Moves’ 15-Minute Morning Yoga Flow with Caley Alyssa

This flow was specifically designed to start your day off on the right foot. Follow along with yoga teacher Caley Alyssa as you work through sun salutations, chest-opening poses, and quite a few deep stretches.

Abs Workout: Joe Holder’s 15-Minute Core and Abs

Nike Master Trainer Joe Holder knows his stuff, and he also happens to be a trainer to some of the biggest names in fashion (think: Naomi Campbell). This core workout includes way more than the stereotypical crunch-focused moves. Holder utilizes standing and kneeling positions to ensure a comprehensive core workout and he throws in some tips to make crunching variations more effective.

Low Intensity Cardio: Katie Crewe’s Cardio Circuit

Effective cardio doesn’t always have to leave you dripping sweat. This circuit from fitness coach Katie Crewe is light on jumping (Crewe is currently pregnant; whether or not jumping feels comfortable and safe during pregnancy is highly individual), but will still give you a decent heart rate boost. Do these 5 exercises 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 3 sets, and you’re done!

Pilates: Helen Phelan’s Core Stability Workout

Helen Phelan is a Pilates pro who employs body neutral instruction — meaning you won’t hear any shame-y “bikini body” language in her workout videos. Instead, she uses specific verbal cues to help at-home exercisers “sense in” to their mind-body connection for a better, stronger workout.

Booty: Sohee Lee’s Lower Body Band Circuit

There are tons of great reasons to strengthen your glutes: less back pain, faster run times, and more. This quick series from training coach Sohee Lee can be done at home with just a couch and a booty band. In the video, Lee takes you through a pyramid workout (providing a ton of useful form cues along the way), where you start with 10 reps of each exercise, then decrease by one each set until you’re doing just 1 rep of each exercise. Fair warning: It’s a burner.

EMOM: Saman Munir’s 15-Minute Workout

This workout from trainer and kick-boxing coach Saman Munir is an EMOM workout — which stands for every minute on the minute — so it'll keep things interesting and fast. The quicker you finish your exercise set, the more time you get to rest, which can be a huge motivator to push your limits.

Active Recovery: Tone It Up’s The Best Foam Rolling Routine to Stretch & Restore

On days when you want to move your body but aren’t looking for an intense workout, foam rolling and stretching can be a great way to stay active. Studio Tone It Up instructor Stef takes you through a full foam rolling routine that pays special attention to the hamstrings, quads, and glutes to get your body primed for your next workout. And if you think foam rolling sounds nice but you’re not really sure how or why to do it, Stef explains it all in the video.

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