Hama Beauty Is Revolutionizing the Way We Test Products in 2020

You can find everything you need right from your phone.

Hama Beauty
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The year 2020 has changed everything, and it's certainly hit the beauty industry in ways no one saw coming.

No longer is makeup or beauty testing available in-store, making it harder for consumers to figure out which products are right for them.

But on the flip side, the sudden switch to mandating COVID-19 safety protocols has birthed innovative new tools to adapt to our new normal — one of which is Hama Beauty.

Hama Beauty offers a one-of-a-kind skincare quiz to help shoppers find the exact products for their needs, without the fuss. Plus, product matches are linked to the original retailer, making purchasing simple.

"I built the Hama platform from scratch," Tari Kandemiri, founder of Hama Beauty, tells InStyle. "It utilizes a patented algorithm that takes in a consumer’s age, skin type, skin tone, and skincare concerns, then provides personalized product recommendations that are most likely to meet the consumer’s needs."

The service is so good, it's even been backed by Glow Recipe's Community Mentoring Initiative.

Tari Hama Beauty
Courtesy of Tari Kandemiri.

But Kandemiri, who has a degree in computer science, didn't originally create the platform with finding a coronavirus workaround in mind.

As an avid lacrosse player, Kandemiri says she developed hyperpigmentation on her cheeks and forehead after spending hours in the sun without SPF. Looking to create her own personalized skincare routine to tackle her skin issues, but feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of options out there, she initially intended to solely create a platform for beauty newcomers who wanted a quick and easy way to discover what's right for them.

However, with the flux in product testing, her business has now found a whole new niche. And she's even started to think about how her platform will adapt to a post-COVID world.

"My overall vision is for Hama to become a sort of 'best friend' for anyone shopping for products in stores or online, due to the quick access to recommendations," she explains. "Once in-store experiences are open and in full swing, I plan to implement the ability for users to see if a particular product is available in the store they are currently visiting or any nearby locations."

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Cult-favorite brands like The Ordinary, Farmacy, as well as Summer Fridays are already a part of the platform, and Kandemiri is actively seeking to partner with more. However, she won't be swayed by any one brand's popularity in the beauty space.

"Product recommendations will remain organic and not be influenced by any partnerships with brands," Kandemiri explains. "But this gives opportunities for small or mid-level sized brands to garner exposure and for consumers to discover new brands they’ll love."

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