Halle Berry Calls This Beauty Find 'the Most Perfect Mother's Day Gift'

Halle Berry Calls This Beauty Find the “Most Perfect Mother's Day Gift”

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By Rachel Nussbaum
Apr 23, 2021 @ 10:00 pm
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Every single year, Mother's Day creeps around and surprises me. Maybe it's because my family has a spate of spring-time birthdays or because the holiday's date fluctuates, but by the time we reach (*checks Google*) May 9, I'm always fresh out of unique gift ideas. I usually resort to a nice bath soak or like, sentimental dish, but this year, Halle Berry's here to save the day. 

The actress recently posted a video to her Instagram story of her using Finishing Touch's Flawless Brows Eyebrow Hair Remover, and it's the most intriguing gadget I've seen since the dolphin skin hair eliminator. Much like the body hair terminator, Berry's recommendation excels at painlessly removing unwanted hair — as she demonstrated in the video, running the pen-shaped tool underneath her brows gives a quick, easy clean-up that couldn't be farther from the trauma of wax or tweezers.  

It might be an unconventional present, but take it from Berry: "If you want the most perfect Mother's Day gift for that perfect mother in your life, give them the Flawless Eyebrow so that they too can have flawless eyebrows." For full disclosure, Berry launched a campaign with the brand in January. But as she told People this week, her love for the brand's original Flawless Face Hair Remover device goes way back. Now, she says she's "like a kid on Christmas" when they send her new innovations to test.

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I can personally cosign the wonder that is the brand's ingenious hair removal device. I'm a baby for pain, but running the battery-powered groomer over my face is as painless as putting on lotion — you truly feel nothing as it whirs over hair and leaves smooth skin in its wake. The Flawless Eyebrow upholds the legacy, winning over 16,000 five-star ratings on Amazon from shoppers, one of whom dubs it "the most magical piece of machinery the world has created." 

Especially through the pandemic's beauty maintenance drought, multiple people write that they turned to the Flawless Eyebrow for help. One person says it took longer to read the directions than to get the sculpted brows they were after with the pen's gently pointed tip, and another writes that it's so good, they're buying more as holiday presents

Giving beauty gifts can sometimes be tricky, since wrapping up a beloved lipstick is very different from handing over an anti-aging set that someone could take in the wrong way. Yet my mom was elated when I pointed her towards the painless hair remover and proceeded to send the link to all her friends. Turns out, subbing a gruesome plucking process for one that gives angelic, pain-free results is a goodwill generator for the ages. Berry knew. In the words of one of her iconic Instagram posts: "Mediocre called, I hung up."