Halle Berry

Halle Berry - Transformation - Beauty - Celebrity Before and After
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Halle Berry

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Halle Berry

is no bare-all beauty. Although the actress is best known for styles that reveal more than they conceal (her pixie cut, her peekaboo Oscar dress), her natural elegance is always on display. "The great thing about Halle is that you can put her in a gown or in a bikini top with her thong showing, and she still looks classy," stylist Phillip Bloch has said. The new mother shows off her perfect bone structure with understated makeup and fuss-free hair. And her favorite beauty trick? Well, it's as stripped-down as can be. "A smile is pure," she has said. "It's good and real, and that's sexy."

1985: After graduating from high school, Berry wins the Miss Teen Ohio pageant-and is the first runner-up in the Miss USA Pageant in 1986. "Pageants teach you to lose and not be devastated," she has said. "It was great preparation for Hollywood."

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Berry doesn't always suffer for beauty. "Lounging at a spa might seem self-indulgent to some people, but I look at it as part of my job," she told In Style.

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Berry attends the premiere of Bulworth wearing a cascade of curls. "Sexy hair is hair that doesn't look done," her hairstylist Oscar James has said. "Halle's hair always looks touchable."

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Berry goes short and sweet. "I just see myself as a short-hair, spunky kind of person," she has said.

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The stunning star tackles another installment of X-Men.

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Halle Berry - Transformation - Beauty - Celebrity Before and After
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Berry framed her flawless features with long fringe.

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Halle Berry, transformation, star hair, star beauty
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The flawless beauty knows the appeal of imperfection. "Halle taught me to do hair perfectly and then mess it up a little so it's real," hairstylist Neeko has said.

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Halle Berry - Transformation - Beauty - Celebrity Before and After
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

The actress met motherhood with a chic new look: a honey-highlighted layered bob.

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