Because delicate hair concerns are valid. 
Pool Hair - Lead
Credit: Getty Images/Glow RM

If you have fine hair, you probably relate to my constant worrying that I'm going to destroy my hair and have to chop it all off and start from scratch. There are worse things that could happen, but that certainly isn't ideal. I needed to know what I could do to defend my hair from the elements they will surely be exposed to this summer, and luckily, I was sorted and set straight by the global stylist for Eprouvage, Anna Lyles.

Wear a Swim Cap

First line of defense? If you plan on spending quite a bit of time in a chlorinated pool, then opt for a swim cap, specifically a lycra one. "Too much chlorine in pool water can cause hair loss and wearing a lycra swim cap will protect it while still being gentle."

Protect Your Scalp

And when you're not in the pool like the mermaid you are? Wear a hat. Protect your scalp from those harsh UV Rays... or accept the consequences. I've suffered through scalp sunburn—it's uncomfortable, to say the least. Ideally, you would choose a hat with breathable materials because that will make your scalp happier.

Tweak Your Hair Washing Routine

While you should wash your hair regularly, Lyles does not advise washing your hair more than once a day so naturally-occurring oils have a chance to balance hydration. However, she does say to keep your follicles clear of sweat and oil buildup by shampooing on the reg or after workouts. She also suggests that you try a product like the éprouvage fortifying shampoo ($15;, because it's color safe, nurtures stressed hair, and replenishes your strands when they've been working hella hard to stay strong.

Now that you are armed with these secrets, you should feel so much better about indulging some more pool time. I know that I am.